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Bookmark & Share Plugin update

We recently updated Bookmark & Share Plugin and decided to write a blogpost featuring this update, because it is not just a regular update – we fully reworked and renovated the plugin functionality and made it faster and more powerful by enhancing the delivery of static content on the page. We also enhanced the functionality of Facebook fan box. More importantly, we…

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The Auto Poster Plugin

When you run a classifieds business, you know that sharing ads from your site on your social network profiles will get more users to notice them. However, if you have hundreds of ads on your website and new ones are added regularly, sharing each ad manually may become tiring and time-consuming.

Automatically post ads to social networks!

To help you take full control of ads…

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Dutch language and mollie gateway preview

Mollie Gateway & Dutch Language

In our ongoing commitment to make our software accessible to everybody in Europe, we have translated our script into the languages most spoken in the European Union, such as French, Portuguese, Spanish and Greek…

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monetize preview

Monetizer - Bump up & Highlight Plugin

We understand that your classifieds business is about earning money and giving your users more ways to showcase their listings and generate more leads to them. Aside from multiple ways we’re giving the administrators to monetize their website, we’re rolling out a new plugin called Monetizer offering Bump Up and Highlight options, which you can use to further monetize your site…

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happy-new-year-2017 thumbnail

Milestones and Achievements of 2016

The New Year is just round the corner and everyone hopes that the year 2017 will be a better year when we’ll be able to make all of our plans and ideas to come true. For us here at Flynax, the end of the year is the perfect time…

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FlyDroid 3 RTL Support

RTL support added to Android Application

Making our software more accessible to as many people as possible, who speak different languages, is an ongoing mission that Flynax takes very seriously. We know that a lot of our customers have been asking us…

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Auto classifieds script logo

Top plugins for Car Classifieds Script

You may have found the best auto classifieds script and launched your car classifieds site. If your auto desk has active users and listings to choose from, it is time you thought about extending the site’s functionality by adding the right Plugins.

The web is packed with Plugins for classifieds sites, your job…

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PesaPal Gateway for classified ads sites

PesaPal Gateway for classified ads sites in Africa

We keep extending the opportunities for classifieds site owners on the African continent and today we’re rolling out PesaPal Gateway - another payment gateway to give you more ways to collect payments from users located in the African Market…

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Update of Mobile Applications released

Hello Everybody! Today we’re rolling out updates of our Mobile Applications making them more powerful and functional with every update: iFlynax 3.1.0 and FlyDroid 2.3.0.

From this day on we’re going to refer to iFlynax and FlyDroid as just mobile applications: the idea is to make them identical in terms of interface and functionality…

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Nearby schools plugin preview

Nearby Schools Plugin for Real Estate Software

When searching for a property, home shoppers wish to acquaint themselves not only with the house and its look, they also prefer to get as much information on the community and on the neighborhood of their potential future home.


For families, who constitute a 65% of home buyers, according to a 2015 report by…

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Weather widget plugin

Weather Forecast Plugin updated

The weather is still one of the most popular topics and a lot of Internet surfers regularly check for weather forecast on their phones or computers. When a visitor lands on your site and sees real-time and accurate weather, he may feel more at home and will be less likely to navigate away from your classifieds site to get…

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Real estate script logo

Top Plugins for your Real Estate Software

Once you launched your real estate agency or an online property management site you need to think of generating traffic, populating your site with properties and making it user-friendly and appealing to visitors. At the initial stage, you may think of your site as an apartment that you just bought and moved in. It is half-empty and poorly…

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