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Flynax 4.5.1 + All-in-one classified script

Hello everybody! Today we’re releasing Flynax 4.5.1, which predominantly offers a substantive list of bug fixes and a couple of small features that you also might find useful for your site.

Flynax 4.5.1 would have been positioned as another update offering bug fixes and new features but for one thing: this release is going to be a special one…

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5 things you should know before launching a real estate site

If you are planning to launch a real estate site, it is advisable that you research the online property sales market and get an insight into buyer’s trends and habits. This short post contains information relevant to the state of things at a current real estate market. We hope that the tips you will learn from the article will help you run…

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Update of Mobile Applications released

Hello Everybody! Today we’re rolling out updates of our Mobile Applications making them more powerful and functional with every update: iFlynax 3.1.0 and FlyDroid 2.3.0.

From this day on we’re going to refer to iFlynax and FlyDroid as just mobile applications: the idea is to make them identical in terms of interface and functionality…

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Nearby schools plugin preview

Nearby Schools Plugin for Real Estate Software

When searching for a property, home shoppers wish to acquaint themselves not only with the house and its look, they also prefer to get as much information on the community and on the neighborhood of their potential future home.


For families, who constitute a 65% of home buyers, according to a 2015 report by…

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Weather widget plugin

Weather Forecast Plugin updated

The weather is still one of the most popular topics and a lot of Internet surfers regularly check for weather forecast on their phones or computers. When a visitor lands on your site and sees real-time and accurate weather, he may feel more at home and will be less likely to navigate away from your classifieds site to get…

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Real estate script logo

Top Plugins for your Real Estate Software

Once you launched your real estate agency or an online property management site you need to think of generating traffic, populating your site with properties and making it user-friendly and appealing to visitors. At the initial stage, you may think of your site as an apartment that you just bought and moved in. It is half-empty and poorly…

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Flynax Software update v.4.5.0

Flynax 4.5 Update

Hello everybody! The long awaited Flynax 4.5 is here! We know that we’ve been behind all the deadlines we set and each time when we set a new release date, we hoped to meet it. Sadly, things took longer than we expected because we were integrating a totally new module affecting many functions and modules of…

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Affiliate Program Plugin preview

Affiliate Program Plugin

Expand a reach for your business with a new powerful Affiliate Program plugin for classifieds sites, install it on your website and get the following:

  • Cost-effective advertising campaign where you pay only for tangible results;
  • Increase traffic to your site through partner links at no initial
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Car specs classifieds ads plugin preview

Car Specs Plugin Release

Out of all listings, car classifieds require the most time from users to be added. The car owner has to go through a lengthy procedure of filling in the vehicle specifications manually. The process may be further complicated if the user has more than one car on sale. The new…

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Price history plugin

Price History Plugin Release

Meet a new plugin – Price History! The Price History Plugin is mainly designed for real estate agency software; although you also can apply it to your boat and car classifieds or any other listings that are likely to sell for some time. The Plugin adds a box to the…

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2015

Hello everybody!

Now that winter is coming ready to cover all things, which might have been disrupting you from implementing your business plans, with the white cover you may sit down…

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iFlynax 3.0 Application Release

The App Store approved iFlynax 3.0 yesterday, which is great news for all our customers who have been awaiting for it for the last few months and for those prospects who have been awaiting for it come out to purchase our classifieds software. We’re immensely glad to present you our new iOS Application for Flynax powered classifieds sites, which is not only…

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