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Flynax releases new Boat Classifieds Software template and Coupon Code Plugin

Flynax as always prepared something interesting for its customers that will meet their needs in developing and promotion of their classifieds websites.

A new template for Boats Classifieds Software has been developed by Flynax. The template is named “Seaman“. Looking at the name of the new Flynax…

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Italian Language and New Location Finder for Flynax Classifieds Software

Flynax team continues the improvement and availability of the classifieds scripts version 4.0 and released one more language and renewed plugin. We also always think about  the affordability and these new Flynax developments come free of charge and you can get at any time.

Firstly, Flynax has finished with the translation of its classifieds software…

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Flynax Classifieds Software releases German and Greek languages

Flynax announces that Flynax Classifieds Scripts version 4.0 have been translated into German and Greek languages. This once again underlines that Flynax classifieds scripts are multilingual.

Flynax team continues to improve its classifieds scripts thus expands the target audience of classifieds website users. So now buying Flynax you may get classifieds software in German or…

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Flynax 4 classifieds software plugin - Field-bound Boxes

Flynax is rolling out a new plugin for Flynax 4 classifieds software - Field-bound Boxes.

The Flynax plugin Field-bound Boxes is developed to provide you with an option to create new blocks with filters for listings for your classifieds website. These new blocks may contain particular listings according to preselected styles at your classifieds website…

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Flynax 4.0.1 build

Flynax 4.0.1. Classifieds Software released

Nothing is set in stone nor Flynax is. We gladly announce release of a new build of Flynax v. 4 Classifieds Software – Flynax 4.0.1.

Flynax 4.0.1 Classifieds Software contains a number of bug fixes and improvements reported either by our assiduous customers or our Team members contributing to stability and better performance of Flynax Classifieds…

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Flynax Classifieds Software 4.0 is launched!

Flynax announces the major release of the long awaited Flynax 4.0 Classifieds Software version. This time, Flynax has rolled out something more than just a new update or a minor change to the software, but global changes in the classifieds software, its structure and logic to extend and reach a…

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Content - more is not better

One of the most important parts of any classifieds web-site is content. As it said “Content is King“. You should pay attention to content of your website without it it cannot play that significant part which can help to find your website in search engines.

Normally content can be divided into three components:
- The text content

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Americans go online - Rapid growth of US Internet users

Not so many technologies spread so fast as computers and the Internet. These information technologies are the universal attributes of modern social and economic life, they show new opportunities and perspectives for Americans. In our days more and more Americans use not only the Internet and computers at home, but decide with help of them different tasks at

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Mobile versions for classifieds sites

In a modern world, cellular communication is so penetrated into our life that the most of people already feel themselves uncomfortable without the phone. Even yesterday, the most popular features of mobile phone were calls and SMS. But today, priorities begin to shift in other sides. Modern phone - is not just a connection between different

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Flynax PDF Export Plugin released

Flynax has released a new plugin for its classifieds software - PDF Export plugin.
This new plugin expands the functionality of classifieds software and helps users to use classifieds web site with more comfort.

Flynax PDF Export plugin exports listing details to a PDF file. It can be

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Flynax rolled out Under Construction Plugin

Flynax releases a new handy plugin – Under Construction plugin.

Under Construction Plugin by Flynax is designed to let site visitors know about that the classifieds web site is under construction and when it will be launched if they subscribe via another Flynax Subscribe/Mass-mailer plugin. This plugin has a

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