flynax-tag-cloud-pluginFlynax releases a new plugin for making tag cloud in classifieds websites – Tag Cloud 2.0. The new version becomes more interesting due to numerous available settings, ways of displaying and optimized system of tags keeping for quick plugin performance. All of this will surely interest you.

There are 3 ways of tag cloud displaying that offers Tag Cloud plugin.

The fist is Simple. This way is the standard linear displaying of tags in cloud.

The second one is Gradient, that displays tags in gradient which consists of a couple of colors (managed from the admin interface). Using this way you will see your popular tags in bright color and not popular in blush color.

Third one is Circle, displays the tag cloud with gradient. This way we guess will become popular because the tag cloud is displayed in the shape of a circle, as the tags change their positions every time. By the way the color is dependent of the popularity of tags.

Making this plugin, Flynax team decided to make improvement for other important way of development that is SEO. Now the version 2.0 of the Tag Cloud plugin makes a dedicated page with tag cloud and dedicated pages for each tag. And you may set your own META info for the main dedicated page and for each tag dedicated pages as well or make one template for all tags. This will absolutely improve your SEO.

Finaly the Tag Cloud plugin offers another SEO feature that adds links into the site map (Sitemap Plugin needed).

A lot of new settings were added into the Tag Cloud plugin that will help you to set up your tag cloud as you wish and make it more interesting and entertaining.

Plugin is available only for Flynax version 4.1.0.

Download it from the Customer Area.