flynax-varification-code-pluginFlynax releases a new Plugin – Verification Code, that allows activation and verification of a number of services such Google Analytics, Alexa and other statistics and tracker services

This plugin is simple but useful that may be used for classifieds websites. By using Flynax Verification Code plugin you may add META tags of web services for activation or verification of any web services and place them into the header or footer of your classifieds website.

Verification Code Plugin features:
META tags for verification or activation of web services
JavaScript integration for Google Analytics and trackers’ activation

Flynax Verification Code plugin allows adding JavaScript code for activation of Alexa and statistics services like Google Analytics or even chat codes to your classifieds website powered by Flynax classifieds software.

This plugin gives you an option for choosing a place for META tags that can be set for all your website’s pages or can be used for a number of pages. Also a code of a service can be set to a particular position of your website’s page and JavaScript can be added to header or footer.

Absolutely this is the needed plugin for your classifieds website that will help you to use important services such as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Alexa or any other.