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flynax-software-banner-pluginFlynax is glad to inform its customers that the new version of the Banner plugin has been released and available for all Flynax classifieds scripts.

The new version of Banner plugin has been redeveloped and now not only administrators can add banners but also users of a classifieds website can add their own banners.

The new version supports 3 types of banners that extend the options of the plugin. Now you may add not only pictures but flash and text banners with standard dimensions. These 3 types of banners certainly will cover your and users needs but also bring you’re a profit from selling special plans with option to add banners. You may add any flash banners with any dimensions and add banners from Google Adsence or other website that will simplify the process of banner exchange.

The new administration interface lets you easily:

1. Create special blocks for banners and choose places on your website. Also you may set sizes of banners for these blocks and etc.
2. Create paid plans with option to add banners by users.
3. Make GEO targeting for particular paid plans with banners, in other words choose countries and banners for displaying there, thus manage prices for these paid plans.

This version of the plugin is the beta version and during this month we will add new options and clean plugin from blemishes. Two types of banners such as flash and text will be added in the next update of the plugin. Anyway new updates of the plugin will not affect created banners at the moment or any other parts of the banner.

You may get this plugin for any Flynax classifieds scripts from the Customer area as always free of charge.

  1. Hi,
    is this banner plugin with that functionality good for 3.2 version.

    Gary / April 26, 2012
  2. Dear Gary,

    This version of the Banner plugin is compatible with Flynax version 4.

    As for the Flynax version 3.2. there is appropriate version of the Banner plugin in the Customer area.

    Tim @ Flynax / April 27, 2012
  3. Is it possible to add an option where people pay for impressions versus time. so instead of making one option available for 7 days, make that option available for 500 pageviews? it is easier to price banners that way for our customers.

    David / May 6, 2012
  4. version 4 does not support flash like advertised…

    Adi / May 9, 2012
  5. Dear Adi,

    We noted in the blog post that the new types such as flash and text will be available in the next update of the plugin that will be done soon.

    Thank you for your comment.

    Tim @ Flynax / May 11, 2012
  6. Dear David,

    I guess it will be added into the next update of the plugin.

    Tim @ Flynax / May 11, 2012
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