Hello everybody! Today we’re rolling out almost a new plugin – Filter, implying a drastic update of our popular plugin used by many classified ads sites. We changed its name from Category Filter to Filter because we reworked 80-90% of the add-on functionality to make it more stable and intuitive, and added a number of new features and functions, which make the Filter plugin a really powerful add-on. The new version of the Filter plugin extends beyond filtering classified ads in categories.

Classifieds ads filter plugin preview

Based on user feedback and reports we fixed all bugs in the front and back ends, which significantly contributed to stability of the add-on.

Filter on search results
Now you have the ability to add a filter box to the search results page of a particular listing type.

Improved value configuration
We improved the process of configuring values for range fields.

We added caching of data by listing types and categories, which allows you to avoid extra queries to the database; we also changed type of data stored in boxes.

Step calculation system
We’ve integrated a new system for calculating steps for slider fields. Now calculation of steps is specific to every field depending on values of listings.

Better connection with Multifield/Location Filter and Currency Converter
Lastly we improved connection between the Filter and fields created with Multifield/Location Filter plugin. If you have a price field we recommend using the Currency Converter for better user experiences.

We believe both you and your users will love the updated Filter plugin.