Bad Word Filter Plugin

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bad word filter plugin for classifieds sites

Bad words in ads and comments may embarrass users of your site and even drive away new visitors, especially if you run a large classified ads site with a lot of new ads posted daily or if you cannot review new ads on a regular basis.

The Bad Word Filter prevents users from using bad words deemed offensive by the administrator practically on all pages, on which users can add textual information:

  • in ads, whether a user posts or edits his ads
  • on registration page
  • in comments
  • in messages sent to ad owners

The Plugin scans textual information before sending it to the server and if a bad word was detected the plugin will prevent data from being posted until a user removes an offensive word.

The Add-on offers a convenient manager that allows the Administrator to easily manage a list of bad words of a particular language.

The plugin comes with a bad word database in more than 20 languages. If you already have a list of bad words in CSV or TXT format you can import it with the Plugin.

The Bad Word Filter also comes with a quick search allowing you to quickly find a bad word.

This is the first version of the plugin and we hope to get your feedback to improve it and make a really powerful and sophisticated tool.

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