Hello everybody! The long awaited Flynax 4.5 is here! We know that we’ve been behind all the deadlines we set and each time when we set a new release date, we hoped to meet it. Sadly, things took longer than we expected because we were integrating a totally new module affecting many functions and modules of our classifieds softwaremembership plans.

We could have released a version without the membership plans but we were well aware how many of you have specifically been requesting the plans. While the update can’t boast a lot of new features, we want to draw your attention to the optimization measures we’ve introduced to Flynax 4.5. Thanks to them this version of our classifieds script has become a really powerful classifieds platform equipped to handle higher load and perform better as compared to the previous version. Let us go over the new features and improvements that Flynax 4.5 offers you:

New Features and Improvements

Listing clusters on the “Search on Map” page (Real Estate Script)
Markers grouping on map
Now all listings located close to each other are grouped into clusters on the Google Maps.

Search form on listing type page
Apart from categories and featured ads, you may also add a custom search form to a listing type page.

Listing URLs in different languages
Now URLs of a particular listing may be generated in different languages improving geotargeting of ads.

Non-Latin URLs in different languages
No latin listing url
The option enables you to generate URLs of your site in different languages contributing to SEO.

Hreflang tags
hreflang tags allow you to show search engines what the relationship is between pages in alternate languages.

Preferred language after logging in
The system will save a user preferred language and will enable it by default after signing in.

Listing package description in qTips
Plan description as qtip
The feature allows you to add more description to a listing package displaying it as qtips in front end making your packages look neat.

Preferred language by browser
The system may enable a preferred language for a user based on language settings in a user browser.

Alternative price delimiter
Following suggestions and requests we’ve added an alternative price delimiter that works like this: 1.000,00.

H1 tag on Home page
H1 tag on home page
As you know H1 tag was unavailable on home page as it didn’t fit in the design of the home page but realizing importance of H1 to a SEO friendly site we’ve added the ability to enable/disable the tag on home page and did our best to make it look good on the home of every template.

Improved HTML email templates
We’ve improved structure of email templates to make them look good in email clients and web-based email services like Gmail, Yahoo etc.

XSS protection
We’ve strengthened protection against XSS injections to make the update more secure and reliable.

Updated print page
New print listing details page
The layout of the print version has been dramatically improved in terms of data structure, availability of logo and the Maps.

Membership Plans

Flynax 4.5 has got fully-fledged membership plans that you can add from admin panel similar to listing packages presenting another good option to monetize your classifieds portal, real estate site, escort agency or any Flynax script where membership plans might prove to be effective and wanted. You can easily disable or enable the modules of membership plans and listing packages with one click. We tried to make the new module as flexible as possible and enabled use of membership plans along with listing packages.

Membership plans on registration page

A user can purchase a membership plan when signing up; he can renew or purchase a new one. When adding a membership plan you can set its duration, number of listings, availability to user groups, recurring option etc.

Apart from removing and adding new listings, a user may fully manage status of his listings (profiles, properties, cars etc) from his account area, for example he can choose what listings to make standard, featured, active or inactive from listing manager within the number of listings given under his membership plans.

Restricted content on profile details page

Every membership plan in Flynax 4.5 might have the following list of options or permissions to choose from when adding a new plan:

  • Add a listing: You can choose if a user can add listings or not;
  • View contact details: you can prevent users from viewing contact details of listing owners until they sign up and pay for the service;
  • Contact sellers: You can prevent users from contacting listing owners until they sign up and pay for the service;
  • View pictures: You can prevent users from viewing pictures of listing owners until they sign up and pay for the service;
  • Featured account: Accounts with a featured status will be shown in a separate box;

We plan to expand the list of options above; so if you have any ideas about what else can be included to the list, feel free to let us know.

Flynax 4.5 Optimization Measures

We’d like to say a few words separately about optimization measures we’ve introduced to Flynax 4.5:

  • Static files are rearranged to meet modern standards;
  • We improved cache allowing you to store it in APC and Memcache;
  • We adjusted 4.5. to run on PHP 7;
  • Installation now takes 3-5 minutes with all DBs deployed;
  • We also optimized SQL queries;
  • Apart from SQL queries, we optimized the DB structure;
  • Now the script can handle higher load and perform faster.

Front End Bug Fixes

  • Realty time frame field issue fixed
  • Password reset bug fixed
  • 0-9 alphabetic search on sellers’ page problem fixed
  • Escort thumbnail bug in flatty with RTL enabled fixed
  • Recently added bug on listing type page fixed
  • Select a category bug in search bar on home page fixed
  • Listing package upgrade session problem fixed
  • qTip bug in RTL mode fixed
  • Usage limit for listing packages improved
  • Username validation improved
  • Arabic language bug in alphabetic search fixed
  • Delete image/file listing and account fields problems fixed
  • Saved search link bug in wide templates fixed
  • Server video upload bug fixed
  • IE10/Edge listing details problem fixed
  • Category order by position bug fixed
  • Body styles CSS problem in auto wide theme fixed
  • Subcategories by users issue in wide templates fixed
  • Navigation bug on listing details in Simple themes fixed
  • Map problem in account details fixed
  • Password highlighting problem on registration page fixed
  • Listing type problem on Search on Maps fixed
  • Saved search availability field bug in Escort script fixed
  • A few non-mod-rewrite link issues fixed
  • Search form in box problem fixed
  • IE 11 header problem fixed

Back End Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Buy plugin bug in Firefox fixed
  • Watermark bug on PNG images fixed
  • Trash box undefined notice bug fixed
  • Privacy policy field bug in accounts fixed
  • Contact box visibility bug on listing page fixed
  • Number format bug on edit field page fixed
  • Field bug in form builder with no group fixed
  • Default value bug in mixed and currency fields fixed
  • Phone field validation problem fixed
  • Wrong date problem in cronned emails fixed
  • Expiration date bug in cronned emails fixed
  • Bulk actions for categories improved
  • Notification system improved
  • Alphabetic box on home page config in General Flatty hidden
  • Import language file validation improved
  • H1 tag on home page enabling/disabling added
  • Highlighting to featured ads added
  • Site name separation to email templates added

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