Christmas and the New Year are all about giving and receiving presents because they help us get into the spirit of holidays and joyous celebration. We, on our part, have prepared something for you too as we couldn’t step into the New Year without offering our customers a gift of our own.

We decided to join the festive celebration by releasing Flynax 4.5.2 update at the turn of the year. Update mainly focuses on fixing errors and small bugs found in previous version. Having said that, the new release does offer some new features and improvements that you will find useful. Let us go over the new release and see how it can make your Flynax-powered site better and more powerful.

New Software Features

2x Thumbnail Upscale
With this option, the script creates a second copy of a listing thumbnail which is intended to be displayed on users’ mobile phones. Since the copy for the mobile phone screen is twice as big as the default one, users will now see crisp and clear thumbnails tailored to smartphone screens.

Make Photo Required
By enabling this option, users will not be allowed to submit a listing unless they add at least one photo to it.

Membership Plan Usage Limit
This feature (option) allows the Administrator to set a limit on the use of membership plans as well as listing packages.

Listing Sorting Fields
By default, the fields for sorting listings are taken from the short listing form of the current category. However, if you need to extend the list of sorting fields, you may use this feature and select the required sorting fields in any of the categories.

Back End Bug Fixes

  • Support for PHP 7.1 added
  • Ability to add categories with identical URLs to different listing types added
  • Cron tasked notifications to users with incomplete accounts added
  • Ability to hide Flynax Blog Feed in back end by entering 0 value added
  • Mobile App section gets hidden from back end when plugins are disabled
  • Map view bug on Listing Details in back end fixed
  • Default value bug for “Users add subcategories” on the Add a Category page fixed
  • Recount issue for listings added under membership plans fixed
  • URL issue in categories when adding digits fixed
  • Photo upload error in back end in the escort script fixed
  • Bug in showing number of visible categories/subcategories on listing type page fixed
  • Hint issue in Data Entry manager fixed
  • Category dropdown search for listing types on home page added
  • Recount bug occurring after removing listings from membership plans in back end fixed
  • Bug caused by removing private profiles from back end fixed
  • Formatting issue after adding variables to email templates fixed
  • Config issue in the “Agent Search Priority” option fixed
  • Build form suggestion bug after adding an account type fixed
  • Bug when making listing fields required fixed
  • Problem in the Rent Time field in the classifieds script fixed
  • Bug in the Availability field when saving names in other languages fixed
  • Admin Only option of a listing type in edit mode improved
  • The option of logging users in after registration disabled when confirmation by email and Administrator enabled.
  • Autocomplete issue in escort tours in back end fixed
  • Bug triggered by editing name of the Availability field fixed
  • Add/Edit buttons in back end can be clicked only once until action is applied
  • Protection from disabling the only language added to back end
  • Use of Google API keys improved and notifications about exceeding the limit added
  • Ability to select account types available for quick registration added
  • System info page now available only when Administrator is logged in.

Front End Bug Fixes

  • Keyword search improved showing all listings instead of “No ads found”
  • Pagination issue when short links are enabled for listing types fixed
  • Listing counter for accounts fixed
  • Craigslist clone template improved
  • Scroll bar library updated
  • “Tell a Friend” module reworked and improved
  • Name and position issues for custom categories fixed
  • Empty search form bug on listing type page fixed
  • Fake value bug in URL fields with membership plans enabled fixed
  • Sign in bug with membership plans enabled fixed
  • Bug on My Packages page with unlimited number of pics and videos fixed
  • Email bug when upgrading to paid listing packages fixed
  • Multifield plugin bug on the Search on Maps page fixed
  • The option of account address on Maps improved
  • Duplicate titles bug in breadcrumbs on Edit Listing page fixed
  • Javascript error in featured gallery when listing type is disabled fixed
  • Price field bug when a set default currency fixed
  • Blur image issue with one picture available fixed
  • Default value issue in account text fields fixed
  • Language bug in sending emails fixed
  • Bug in alphabet search for accounts in some languages fixed
  • Category box problem after installation fixed
  • “Default zoom on search map” issue after installation fixed
  • Bug in the recently added tab fixed
  • The Search on Maps module improved
  • Bug in refine search on account type page fixed
  • Contact user bug on account page controlled by membership plans fixed
  • Data validation for file upload field type improved
  • Thumbnail bug in Jobs listing type fixed
  • Position bug in single date field fixed
  • Counter bug in listing types fixed
  • Bug when removing phone numbers fixed
  • Pagination bug on account type page fixed
  • Dot bug in numeric type field fixed
  • Logging in issue when confirmation by admin or email enabled fixed
  • Bug in Google Geolocation address fixed
  • Next Step bug on Add a Listing page on the preview step fixed
  • Phone field bug in the search form fixed
  • Bug in membership plan status when they are set for an unlimited period fixed
  • Issue on Add a Profile page when adding another profile fixed
  • Account status problem with a free plan on registration page fixed
  • Image upload bug in IE10 and others fixed
  • Price sorting bug in refine search fixed
  • Caching bug in the short form fields fixed
  • Empty date field issue fixed
  • Wrong search form key after editing search forms fixed
  • IE 11/EDGE caching issues fixed
  • Wrong link of listings in “Tell a friend” emails fixed
  • Email confirmation bug with membership plans enabled fixed
  • Rates field issue in escort script fixed
  • Character issue in “Additional Info” listing field fixed
  • Preferred language redirect improved
  • Setting time in availability module improved
  • Email or username login option added
  • More button bug in main menu in the realty wide template fixed
  • Listing details bug when account is pending fixed
  • “Change Plan” button for membership plans gets hidden when no plans are available
  • Duplicate “Edit Listing” link bug in breadcrumbs fixed
  • Resume attachments issue in the Jobs listing type fixed
  • Missing view counter on profile details page fixed

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