Flynax 4.6.1 Update

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flynax-upgrade-461-previewA major 4.6 update was released about a month ago and today we’re rolling out Flynax 4.6.1 where we took care of the bugs and issues found in a previous version. Although rigorous testing always precedes the update and we do our best to pinpoint bugs and other issues before releasing the update, we must admit that users and customers help us detect issues that we might have overlooked.

This update does not offer any features, yet it is essential for customers because it fixes bugs and makes the script more stable and effective. Below you can find a list of issues and bugs that were taken care of in a current update.

  • Issue in SEO names of images fixed;
  • Link preview issue on dealer page with https enabled fixed;
  • Saving modified settings improved;
  • Apostrophe bug in search form on home page fixed;
  • Quotes error on Add a Listing page in languages fixed;
  • Time zone bug in Cron file fixed;
  • Email problem when upgrading to featured fixed;
  • Wrong H1 tag on search results page fixed;
  • Character limit issue in “Additional information” fixed;
  • Language detection redirect problem fixed;
  • Memory usage optimized;
  • Quote replacement improved;
  • Newline issue in messages fixed;
  • Content box bug when removing listing types fixed;
  • Wrong logic in membership plans/packages fixed;
  • Saving account likes error throughout different devices fixed;
  • Wrong payment status in email notifications fixed;
  • “Logging in required” error for Listing Details fixed;
  • Correct notice when editing ad by another user added;
  • Category_ID field issue in listing metadata fixed;
  • Package detail pop-up issue on Edit Listing page fixed;
  • RSS parsing error related to data format resolved;
  • A self link issue on the account logo fixed;
  • Remove/Update bug in “Available plugins” fixed;
  • A notice to Plugins when all plugins are installed added;
  • Category box bug on home page when disabling fixed;
  • Request.ajax.php time zone bug fixed;
  • Bug in incomplete listings fixed;
  • Bug when importing language file fixed;
  • Bug in “Individual Post an Ad” page fixed;
  • Handling incomplete listings by Cron improved;
  • Missing categories problem when posting ads fixed;
  • Fatal error on Listing Form Builder fixed;
  • Registration field problem fixed;
  • Protection against ajax file upload virus added;
  • Seller thumbnail and crop module improved;
  • CV upload module for jobs type improved.

You may perform the update yourself by following the instructions listed in the manual or contact us with an update request, which we will do for an extra fee. We hope that the new version will make your classifieds business more stable and successful.

  1. Congratulations! Keep going, john and flynax team.

    Amir( Bahram Soltanirad ) / December 15, 2017
  2. Surprise!!!!! I didn’t see this coming. Now thats the Flynax we want.

    Godwin / December 17, 2017
  3. Hi, really interested to buy flynax, but my question is can you please release a new update which will make this software into market place

    Monis / September 14, 2018
  4. Thank you for your interest in Flynax. The software is already in the marketplace and you can buy it without having to wait for an update; besides, all our customers have life-time free access to all updates/upgrades. The new update will be released in late September.

    David @ Flynax / September 18, 2018
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