We’ve told you a lot about our car dealer website script and about the functionality it offers. However, we’ve never described our car dealer themes and the flexibility they feature. We want to fill in this gap and tell you more about our car dealer templates that you can use for launching your own car dealer website. You also may use the templates for starting an auto classified site both for new and used cars, or a car rental portal.

Сar Dealer Website Templates

We offer 9 car dealer website templates that show the evolution of our auto classifieds script. One of them is free, and the other 8 are premium. Let’s have a look at each of them and consider their individual characteristics. 

Auto Rainbow is our newest theme that was designed with the latest trends and web technologies in mind. It looks catchy and sophisticated. A large slider in the header on the homepage makes the Rainbow template stand out from the rest of our templates. You may rotate photos, share important info about upcoming events using the slider. The template comes in two color schemes – light and dark. We left choosing a color scheme with your users and visitors, who will be able to set it from the front end of your site. The theme is fully responsive, light-weighted, and smooth in performance. It is also easy to work with and customize.

If you are looking for a template that best focuses on functionality rather than the visual part, take a look at our Auto Nova template. Its header has everything a user needs to find a car that matches his preferences. He can choose a vehicle by selecting a make and model, condition, transmission, price, and plenty of other parameters presented in the search. The Nova template uses the space wisely. That is, the massive search bar is located in the header giving you more space for other functional elements and listings. Despite the fact that you may add more content or show other types of listings, the default layout still looks neat and well thought-out.

The other themes are a little bit old school but still quite fancy. Some of our customers prefer them to the newer ones. For example, our Auto Modern template is retro-inspired, the Auto Main Red and Auto Main Blue templates are versatile enough to be used for both auto classified websites and those that are not related to cars, the Heavy Machinery theme is perfect for showcasing industrial equipment and machinery, etc. Each of these templates is interesting and appealing in its own way, and all of them are functional and flexible.  

What Makes Our Car Dealer Website Themes Flexible

Each of our nine templates is special in some way. However, they all have a lot in common, namely:

  • All our templates are fully responsive and work fine on all mobile devices;
  • Our themes are seamlessly integrated into our script;
  • They natively interact with all our plugins and add-ons;
  • They are easy to set up and customize.

How You Can Make Your Car Theme Unique

Despite the fact that we offer a variety of templates to take a good start, you might need something really special or unique. We can help you make your car dealer template unique by taking the following simple steps:

  • Totally change the color scheme;  
  • Add your custom image to the header;
  • Reorder the menu items and their sequence;
  • Rearrange the content boxes or add new ones;
  • Add your custom logo.

We may consider integration of a third-party template if you want a totally custom template that will offer a unique design and extra functions (See our Guidelines for getting a custom template).

How You Can Manage Content in the Template

All the contents in our layouts are arranged with content boxes. You may use content boxes to add images, text, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript codes, which gives you extraordinary freedom in managing different types of information on your car dealer site. In particular, you may:

  • Add a custom box and populate it with unique content;
  • Select a page(s) on which the content box will be displayed;
  • Select a position for a content box on the page;
  • Show different types of listings in separate boxes.

What CMS Comes with Our Car Dealer Templates

All the templates we offer are designed for our Car Dealer Website Script that represents a robust and powerful CMS for managing your site contents. Our script comes with a user-friendly installation wizard that allows you to do a quick installation and select the template that you want to use from the back end of your site. With the purchase of the script, you get a free template – Flatty, which allows you to take a good start before you could upgrade to the premium ones. 

We believe our templates for car dealer sites are quite modern and flexible taking into account the powerful CMS that stands behind them. As you can see you may get quite a unique site for used and new cars with relatively superficial changes to the template and modest expenses.

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