It is hard to imagine a car dealership today without a modern and fully-fledged website where all its cars are presented in the most attractive way, provided with catchy photos and a detailed description that focuses on the cars’ best characteristics. A website is actually the face of a car dealership which does not only raise awareness about the company’s activity but also helps the dealership boost its sales by increasing the traffic.

It is a common practice today that people prefer to browse the site to find out more about cars that they are interested in before visiting a car dealership. For this reason, having a website is essential. If you still don’t have a site or if your site is outdated and fails to meet the needs of your car dealership, we suggest that you read the article to learn more about launching a car dealer site and ensuring that it demonstrates the full potential of your company.

What You Need to Launch a Car Dealer Website

Domain and Hosting 

In order to launch a car dealer website for new and used cars, you will need to choose a domain name, which has to be brief, easy to remember and match the name of your car dealership, if possible. Then you will need to select a hosting company for your site or check recommended hosting that we offer to our customers.

CMS for Your Car Dealer Site

As soon as you are done with the domain and hosting, you will need to find the best Car Dealer Website CMS in the market that will power your site. This might be a real challenge if you are not good at IT and have difficulty comparing and selecting the car sales website CMS. There are many software development companies offering such scripts today, which is good as you are given a wide selection of car dealer scripts to choose from. However, without sufficient knowledge in this area, you may end up making the wrong choice. That is, you may buy a script with no support at all, or you may get a poorly coded product that will be exhibiting bugs all the time or an outdated product that will be limited in terms of updating, using new technologies, and integration of third-party modules.

We’re the Team You May Trust

Flynax knows that trust is earned. That is why we work hard to build good relationships with our customers by offering a reliable product that is continuously updated and enhanced, providing technical support whenever it is needed, and doing everything to make our customers believe that we truly value the fact that they have chosen us and stayed with us for years.  

We have worked in the area of software development for almost 15 years, which proves our stability and loyalty to our customers. While others go out of business a few years after launching their product, we are still here taking Flynax products to new levels and providing ongoing support to our customers.

Why Our Car Dealer Script is the Best

When you start a car dealer site you may not be aware of all the requirements that a good dealership site should meet, especially of all the difficulties and pitfalls that you may face when selecting a reliable, user-friendly, secure, and functional CMS, but you definitely know what site you want to get in the long run. In general, it is supposed to meet the following requirements.

  • Prospects from your city can easily find your site

Using location variables you may target your site to a particular area or city so that users from your city could see your site at the top of the SERPS when searching for a car dealership because Google, as well as other search engines, gives priority to geo-targeted search results. That is, you will be able to build patterns for generating geo-targeted titles and meta descriptions. For example, when you add a location variable (San Francisco) to the title of the page: Buy new or used cars {if location} in {location} {/ if}, it will look in the user interface as follows: Buy new or used cars in San Francisco, California, USA. Knowing that your site offers cars in San Francisco, Google will offer your car dealership to all users looking for cars in San Francisco.

  • Your site offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface 

All our car website templates are designed with the recent usability standards in mind, so that ordinary users could easily find a particular section or feature. When making templates, we follow a golden web rule – Don’t make me think.

  • The template is up-to-date and works on all devices

We do our best to keep pace with the latest web trends both in coding and designing. All the car website templates we offer are modern and fully responsive. Responsive templates work smoothly across multiple monitor sizes, screen resolutions, and platforms, be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • The CMS is packed with features to do what you want

The script-only functionality allows you to achieve good results but you also may use our free and premium plugins to make it even more powerful and feature-packed. The fact that the layout of our templates is built with blocks allows you to freely manage site contents on pages. That is, you may create blocks with different kinds of content, be it text, dealers, or listings, and display those on various pages and in different parts of your website or rearrange the existing blocks.

  • Nothing can compromise the security of your site

Our car dealer CMS is quite secure and is well protected against different types of invasions, in particular:

  • Input data validation
  • SQL injection prevention
  • Protecting user sessions
  • Protecting directories
  • Protecting sensitive data
  • Data encryption
  • Login data matching by bots protection
  • Writable directories access control
  • Uploading files validation
  • Protection against brute-forcing
  • Login attempt control
  • CMS and templates are regularly updated

We continuously work on updating the basic functionality of our script as well as all our plugins, templates, modules, and other features, which allows us to ensure the highest level of performance of our customers’ sites.

  • You don’t have to pay every month to keep your site alive

We provide a lifetime license for our web-based car sales script, plugins, templates, and mobile apps. It means that once you buy them, you will be able to use them for as long as you like, and all updates are free. As for technical support, we provide it as necessary and on a paid basis. 

  • Your site  offers a multilingual interface

Our CMS interface is multilingual, which makes it possible for people from different countries to use the sites created on our platform without any problems.

  • Frequently asked questions and answers

To decrease the load on your agents and operators, you may use our FAQs module to provide answers to the most common questions your prospects might have. That’ll save you some time and generate more traffic to your site.

Car Dealer Website Templates

We offer a great variety of car dealer templates, both free and premium. All our templates are responsive, beautifully designed, and quite trendy. 

For example, our newest Auto Rainbow theme with a large slider on the home page that you can use to display the most popular and stylish cars sold on your website has been a real hit since the first day of its release. 

If you believe that the themes we offer don’t meet your needs or don’t fully reflect the concept of your website, you can either modify them by changing the color scheme and adding required elements and features or order the integration of a fully custom car dealer template into your site.

Car Dealer Script Functionality

The car dealer script offers a significant number of advanced options for managing listings, categories, and fields on your website:

  • Posting cars

As the Administrator, you will be able to post listings, add descriptions of vehicles and their characteristics, upload photos and videos, edit listings when necessary, label them according to their status, and remove them when they are no longer relevant. 

  • Managing makes and models

In addition to managing listings, you can manage categories by adding new ones (as many as you need), editing them, deleting them, displaying them in category boxes on different pages of your website, building SEO-friendly URLs for categories, making categories inherit fields from other categories, configuring the way categories look in the front end (by setting the number of category columns, visible subcategories, adding icons to categories, etc.).

  • Managing fields

You may control the fields on your dealer website by using a set of pre-configured fields or templates to add custom fields for listings. Besides, you may use a special dynamic module to set a number of interdependent fields, in which the values of one field depend on the selection of the previous one.

  • Selling new and used cars

Your car dealership can sell both new and used cars. For ease of use, you may separate used cars from new ones by using the Condition field with the options – New and Used. You also may enable the tabbed search for New and Used cars. Using the basic functionality of our car sales CMS you may feature every type of car in a separate box with the carousel effect.

  • Use the database of the most common makes and models

The database of our script contains the most popular brands and models. If something is missing, you can always add a new make or model. Apart from cars, you may easily set up a site for selling other types of vehicles, for example, trucks, bicycles, and even industrial equipment.

  • Populate your site with your inventory in a few clicks

If you need to fill your website with listings quickly, you can use our listing export/import plugin, which works with CSV/XLS files.

  • Add your cars with all the specs in one click

With the use of our Car Specs plugin, you can automatically fill in the fields with technical characteristics of vehicles based on their VIN code or number plates.

  • Put your cars on auction to generate more profit

New or used cars on the car dealership website can be sold both at a fixed price or by organizing an auction using our Auction module.

  • Arrange for test drive appointments

The Booking function is quite a useful module for a car dealership. It offers a great possibility for your prospects to arrange for a test drive without even calling your car dealership. All they need to do is to select a date and send a request for a test drive from the car details page. If the date is OK with you, you will be able to approve it and meet a prospect at the arranged time. If you don’t have any dealers available at the time, you may reschedule the test drive to a later date. 

  • Enjoy the potential of our native iOS and Android Apps

These mobile applications will help your users to get access to your car dealer website from any mobile device available. They will not only be able to look through the listings presented on your site but also leave their comments, rate your listings, communicate with your agents, etc. 

We also offer a great number of add-ons that you can use to enhance the experience of your users, for example:

  • Limited Access Administrator — allows the Administrator to limit dealers/moderators to certain sections of the admin panel.
  • Car Comparison — allows your users to compare a few cars in a table.
  • Listing Label — provides the possibility to quickly assign a relevant status to your ads: “visible”, “invisible”, “sold”, etc.
  • Listing Carousel — adds a rotation effect to listings in content blocks.
  • Price History — offers a possibility to track vehicle price changes.
  • Loan Calculator — allows users to calculate payments on a loan that a client of a dealership can obtain to purchase a car.
  • Similar Cars — displays similar ads based on certain criteria in a separate box.
  • Recently Viewed Cars — provides users with quick access to the ads that they have viewed recently.
  • Listing Rating — allows users to rate listings by assigning a certain number of stars to vehicles they look through.
  • Listing Boxes — displays different listing boxes according to their type or category, for example, random, popular, or recently added boxes.
  • Listing Comments/Reviews — allows your customers to provide feedback on cars for sale.
  • Filter — allows you to instantly filter ads by selected parameters and get the most relevant results to the user’s request.
  • Alerts — notifies users of new listings added to the site that match user search criteria.
  • QR Code Generator — generates a QR code for each ad allowing users to easily and quickly scan and save ad data on their mobile devices.
  • PDF Export — allows users to download listing data (the main photo and vehicle description) as a PDF file that can be easily printed.
  • Watermarking — helps you protect photos on your website by adding graphics or text to such photos.
  • Testimonials — allows your customers to express their opinions about the work of the dealership, the quality of services provided, etc.
  • Massmailer/Newsletters — notifies registered users about everything that happens in your dealership, thus increasing their awareness of your activities and interest in the products you offer.
  • Poll — provides a possibility to find out your users’ opinions on a certain subject.
  • Microdata — displays in search results the most important information about your car dealership and the cars on sale.

How You Could Monetize Your Car Dealer Site

Our car dealership script offers a number of possibilities to earn extra money, in addition to the actual sale of cars. For example, with our Shopping Cart plugin, you can sell spare parts, technical fluids, tires, seat covers, mats, air fresheners, cleaning wipes, etc. 

As an alternative or an additional possibility to monetize your website, you can sell banner space to companies willing to promote their own products or services on your site, which may or may not be related to the sale of cars. 

To implement all these monetization options, you will need payment gateways. We offer plenty of those, from well-known ones like PayPal and Stripe to gateways that can be used in certain territories only. We also have the CoinGate plugin that allows you to collect payments in Bitcoins and other popular altcoins, and the Offline Payments plugin that provides a possibility to accept payments using bank and money transfers.

Possibility of Migrating Your Site to Our CMS

Due to the economic and political fluctuations and other reasons, many IT companies are no longer on the market or cannot provide quality support to their customers. If you are one of the unlucky clients who have been abandoned by your software provider, if you are not satisfied with the level of service that you receive, or if your website is outdated and needs to be enhanced, we are here to help you. We can migrate your website to our platform and assist you with all other changes that may be necessary with respect to such migration: export your listings, replicate important options and features that you’ve had on your site, and improve the entire functionality of your portal. Besides, we provide continuous technical support to all our clients, which we believe is a key to customer satisfaction.

During this interesting time when everything is digitalized so fast, dealerships are forced to move online to be able to showcase their cars in the most appealing way. Having your own website opens up new opportunities for attracting customers and interacting with them, and therefore a reliable and multifunctional script that we offer for launching a website for the sale of new and/or used cars can be a great tool to do that. If you still have any questions or doubts regarding our car sales CMS, plugins, monetization options, etc., please, feel free to contact us!

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