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Flynax Facebook Connect plugin for classifieds websites

Flynax developed a new plugin Flynax Facebook Connect. This plugin enables classifieds site users connect their Facebook accounts with Flynax classifieds web sites and share information on classifieds with their friends on Facebook using the famous application Facebook Connect.

There is no need to say how this Facebook

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Categories’ icons, new Flynax classified software plugin.

This Flynax plugin can help you place icons for your classifieds’ categories of one of the Flynax classifieds’ scripts. Categories’ icons will be attractive to site users and make your classifieds’ web site more intelligible and easy-to-use.

Imagine how it can help your classifieds’ web site users to use more effectively your web site and find

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Referent Number Plugin for Flynax Classifieds Software

Flynax rolled out new Free Plugin for its classifieds software - Referent Number Plugin.

This plugin adds a referent number to every listing of a classifieds web site and displays this number on the page with a classified listing’s details. There is also a block where you may search for a referent by that

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Importance of support service for classified websites

Owners of the classified ads websites who maintain constant control over their portals sometimes experience different technical problems. This is always connected to complaints from users, waste of time and money losses. In case of any problems that may arise in daily functioning of a classified website the main contact point of the website administrator is technical

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Online classifieds vs traditional classified advertising

Nowadays Internet has become a vital part of our everyday life. Technological progress moves forward and gives almost boundless opportunities for those who want to organize their own business. Many spheres of our daily activity slightly move online. Today we read online newspapers and books instead of real ones, write electronic messages to our friends instead of using

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Google Street View in Flynax classified scripts

Flynax has developed a new free plugin for its classified scripts it has the famous technology used in Google Maps and Google Earth services and it is called Google Street View. Google Street View gives views of many streets of cities in the US and several countries and soon will be expanded to other parts of the world.

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