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Flynax Classifieds Software 4.0 is launched!

Flynax announces the major release of the long awaited Flynax 4.0 Classifieds Software version. This time, Flynax has rolled out something more than just a new update or a minor change to the software, but global changes in the classifieds software, its structure and logic to extend and reach a…

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eBay Manifesto on mobile industry for classifieds

Recently I came across the eBay Manifesto, where states the significance of the improvement of mobile industry and the growth of usage eBay by users through mobile devices and its importance for the UK economy. This Manifesto calls mobile companies, European Union and UK government to pay a serious attention to mobile industry as it can influence on

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The impact of social media on mobile phone use

Have you ever imagined how mobile phones refer to social media? Mobile Web is growing exponentially and is not going to stop it. Last year was a year of rapid development of mobile communication market, due to increased use of mobile phones and innovative Apple devises.

Today’s trend – is mobile technologies. The number of

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Popularity of Internet usage on iPhone and iPad

New Apple devices have huge success by buyers. The data about the number of IPhone and iPad sales is evidenced all over the world. Why do so many people want to buy these devices?
The most of users like the size and the screen quality, usability, as well as the weight. These devices

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Mobile versions for classifieds sites

In a modern world, cellular communication is so penetrated into our life that the most of people already feel themselves uncomfortable without the phone. Even yesterday, the most popular features of mobile phone were calls and SMS. But today, priorities begin to shift in other sides. Modern phone - is not just a connection between different

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Release of iFlynax - iPhone & iPod application

Flynax continues rolling out new native addons and improvements for its classifieds software. Flynax introduces a new application for iPhone and iPod users - iFlynax. This Flynax application can be considered as the first in its kind of iPhone and iPod applications for Classifieds Software among 250,000 iPhone apps available for Apple

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