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Social Meta Tags Plugin

Due to the fact that the need for social network optimized contents becomes more prominent nowadays we decided to make a plugin - Social Meta Tags. The Plugin helps Flynax users better optimize for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks.

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Recently Viewed Listings Plugin

Your users will definitely like our new plugin - Recently Viewed Listings. Even though the name of the plugin sounds self-explanatory we’d like to say a few words about the new add-on and highlight advantages that you and your users will get after installing it.

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Flynax releases PagSeguro Payment System Plugin

Flynax as always wants to make you happy and presents a new plugin that allows your website working with the famous and professional Brazilian Payment System - PagSeguro plugin.

PagSeguro plugin features:

  • Most famous & secure payment system in Brazil
  • Multiple credit card support
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Internet auctions - how to make money online

After the release of the Shopping Cart&Bidding plugin that allows turning any classifieds website into eBay like online auction, we decided to dig more and find how to make money with internet auctions.

Let’s start with general meanings. What’s an auction?! Auction is one of…

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Similar Listings Plugin released

Flynax is glad to announce the release of the the new plugin - Similar Listings. Similar listings plugin is a simple but quite useful and needed feature for your classifieds website especially if you have a giant website with a lot of listings.


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Flynax releases Shopping Cart & Bidding Plugin

Flynax is glad to roll out a new but powerful and needed plugin for classifieds website owners - Shopping Cart & Bidding. This plugin may help you to turn your classifieds website into a powerful and full featured eBay like online auction or…

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Flynax releases CC Avenue Payment Gateway Plugin

Flynax is glad to announce the release of the new plugin which will give you a chance to work with the biggest and successful South Asia’s online payment gateway - CC Avenue.

CC Avenue Payment Gateway features

  • The best Indian online payment provider
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Google Wallet Flynax Plugin instead of Google Checkout

As some of you have noticed that from November 20th 2013, Google decided to shut down Google Checkout and no longer process payments through it. Basing on that decision and necessity of the replacement of the most safe and famous payment system, Flynax team decided to develop a plugin that will support…

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Flynax releases new Category Tree Plugin

Hi all. Basing on numerous customers’ feedback we decided to renew the plugin Category Tree for 4th Flynax version. Yes we postponed with this release because the new version of the classifieds software already had additional boxes of categories and we could not quickly find the right solution and implementation of the category tree to them. But…

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Google recommends use of JS/CSS Compression

Flynax is glad to announce a release of the new and quite useful plugin for classifieds websites - JS/CSS Compressor. The decision of the development of this plugin was made basing on Google recommendations for enabling compressions on web servers to make classifieds websites load faster.

JS/CSS Compressor features:

  • Combines all JS/CSS files into
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Flynax Listing QR Code Generator

Flynax releases Listing QR Code Generator Plugin

Flynax announces a release of a new plugin - Listing QR Code Generator. We decided to develop QR code generator for listings basing on customers’ wishes which were expressed on our forum.

Listing QR Code Generator features:

  • Creation of QR Code for listings
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Flynax Testimonials Plugin

New Testimonials Plugin by Flynax

Flynax presents a new plugin that will make your classifieds website different from others - Testimonials. Testimonials plugin is a clear and easy manager for your site users’ feedback.

Testimonials plugin features:

  • Frontend block with randomly selected testimonials
  • Specially designed page for testimonials and
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