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Flatty responsive template

Flatty – Flynax classifieds software responsive template

Even though we started designing the Flatty template a few months ago, today we announce an official release of the classifieds software responsive template. Designing the template took so long because Flatty is not an ordinary template like all previous Flynax templates. Flatty is Flynax first classifieds software responsive

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Sun Cocktail Escort Script Template

Flynax announces the release of the new template for Escort Script - Sun Cocktail.

We have finished designing of the new template for our Escort Agency Script and named it as Sun Cocktail due to its bright and warm sunny colors. The new template presents warm and summer tones, Philosopher font and…

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Realty Signs New Flynax Template

New Real Estate Template - Realty Signs released

We continue the range of Simple like templates and worked out one more new template for Real estate classifieds niche - Realty Signs. The new template mainly uses dark blue and green colors, waves and Scada font that make it rather interesting and modern…

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New Auto Main Blue Template

A new template has been developed for Auto Classifieds Script - Auto Main Blue. Auto Main Blue template is designed basing on the idea of the recently released Auto Main Red layout.

Auto Main Blue template is for those who like soft and calm colors as during the design were…

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Main featured listings gallery

Release of the Auto Main Red Template

We are glad to announce a release of the new classifieds layout - Auto Main Red Template.

The new template was decided as a layout for Auto Classifieds Script and named as Auto Main Red. The main goal in naming the new template as Auto Main Red was the domination…

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Flynax releases a new template - General Simple Template

Flynax is glad to announce a release of a new template for General classifieds software - General Simple Template. The new template is designed for general classifieds websites but also can be used for any other Flynax classifieds scripts.

General Simple template is presented in 3 colors: green…

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New Auto Brand template for Flynax Car Classifieds Software

Flynax would like to share good news with its customers about the newly designed template for Flynax 4.0 Auto Classifieds Software - Auto Brand.

This new Auto Brand template may become the profit-making point for your…

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Flynax releases new Boat Classifieds Software template and Coupon Code Plugin

Flynax as always prepared something interesting for its customers that will meet their needs in developing and promotion of their classifieds websites.

A new template for Boats Classifieds Software has been developed by Flynax. The template is named “Seaman“. Looking at the name of the new Flynax…

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New Flynax 4.0 realty classifieds software template - Spring

Flynax gladly announces a release of a new template “Spring” for its famous real estate classifieds software along with renewed and adjusted to version 4.0 free plugins.

The new Spring template picks up the baton from the recently released realty template…

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Quiet Day - Flynax Real Estate Classifieds Template

Flynax kindly announces a release of a new template for its Real estate classifieds software - Quiet Day.

This new real estate classifieds software template is pleasurable for use due to its soft tints. Designing Quiet Day Flynax designers were looking for a perfect solution to…

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Auto Brands Template for Flynax Auto Classifieds Script

Flynax classifieds software vendor has designed a new template – Auto Brands. This professional and user-friendly template was designed in bright colors and especially for Flynax Car Classifieds Script.

Auto Brands template is the first template which has principal differences

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Fresh classifieds template for Flynax Estate Classified Script

Hi all.
Flynax has released a new template for its professional Estate Classified Script – Spring.

Lively green Spring template is ready for use. Its bright tones and rich style presents the spirit of freshness and your users will feel the alchemy of

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