currency-converter-plugin-for-flynaxToday Flynax rolled out its new plugin for Classifieds Software – Currency Converter. This new classifieds software plugin was developed to help users from any country easily use classifieds web sites powered by Flynax classifieds scripts.

So why is it useful for classifieds websites’ owners and users? Here is the answer when users go to a classifieds web site powered by Flynax classifieds software and look for a car as an example they see the price for that car in a home currency. It’s really interesting thing and just to the point, because when a person finds a car he converts the price into his home currency by himself in his mind or using a calculator. This plugin will save time and users of classifieds’ web site will not need to look for the right foreign exchange rate and then calculate the price by themselves. Classifieds software plugin Currency Converter calculates foreign exchange currencies into home currency of the user automatically and without interrupting users from browsing listing’s details and more thin it does converting prices on-the-fly without reloading web site pages. Users also may change the currency manually if they don’t want to see prices calculated according to their location and set any other.

Currency Converter plugin automatically does one more thing it updates the foreign exchange rates without users’ participation on a daily basis. Users of classifieds web sites powered by Flynax classifieds software will always get the correct and “fresh” exchange rates and the prices will be calculated with no faults. Classifieds software plugin uses 58 popular currencies.

As the bonus Currency Converter plugin for Flynax classifieds scripts provides new search logic. For example if a user looks for a car in dollars from $10k up to $30k but there are some car listings posted in other currency then Currency Converter plugin will automatically calculate prices and convert them from the listings’ currency into dollars and display all cars close to the needed price range.

Currency Converter plugin is designed for all Flynax classifieds scripts whether it is Flynax General Classifieds script, Realty Classifieds software, Pets Classifieds script or Auto Classifieds software.
You may test Currency Converter plugin at Auto Classifieds Software Demo.

It’s undoubtedly useful plugin for classifieds scripts and gives owners of classifieds web sites powered by Flynax and their users deeper insight in to how their time maybe efficiently used with Currency Converter.

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