Events Calendar Plugin

We are announcing the release of the long-awaited Events Calendar – a plugin that was requested by many users who wanted to add the events functionality to their classifieds website. The Events Calendar adds the functionality of creating and managing events, such as concerts, charity, conferences, etc.

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Update of Street View Plugin

Meet the major update of the Street View Plugin; it used to be a Google Street View Plugin with Google as the sole map provider, the updated plugin adds the support of Yandex Maps as an alternative to Google maps. As we have recently integrated several other map providers in our script, we are now making some of our plugins compatible with the new maps, and Street View is one of them. 

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PayPal Checkout Gateway

Meet PayPal Checkout gateway that we have integrated into our script and that you can use to collect payments from users. Aside from the PayPal Pro gateway, which is supported only in US, Canada or UK, PayPal Checkout offers a much wider coverage allowing you to create an account from most of the countries.

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PWA for classified ads script

We are finally releasing the PWA plugin for classifieds sites that many of our customers have been waiting for. The release of the plugin comes at a time when Progressive Web Apps are becoming a must-have technology in the IT world. It makes it possible for users to install the web app of your site on a user mobile device and get near-native mobile browsing experience of interacting with your website.

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Account Synchronizer Plugin

Some of Flynax customers have more than one website running on Flynax software and many of them want to link users between their websites so that a user who signs up on one website automatically becomes a member on others.

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Widget to show classified ads on other sites

When you have hundreds of thousands of ads on your website, it is your job to attract more people to those ads and ensure that they get a wider audience coverage. However, when ads exist only within your classifieds site, they are only accessible to your site visitors.

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Average Price Analysis Plugin

The year 2019 is proving to be rather productive for our team. We keep updating our existing plugins to enhance their functionality at the same time we’re always working on new ones. It is time to present to you the new plugin, which will be an excellent addition to any classifieds site. Meet Average Price plugin that we are releasing today as part of our commitment on enhancing functionality of Flynax script. Read More

Accept Bitcoins and Altcoin on classifieds sites

We have integrated a CoinGate plugin to cater to growing number of people all over the world using cryptocurrencies for making and accepting payments. Moreover, payments in cryptocurrencies seem to be the only alternative for adult-oriented and escort websites as most payment providers are reluctant to work with adult-oriented websites. With CoinGate plugin, you may accept payments in most popular cryptocurrencies on your website in a hassle-free manner. In this blogpost, we will tell you more about the plugin and how it can bring an added value to your classifieds business. Read More

Multifield/location filter plugin update

Imagine a user who lands on a classifieds website with thousands of ads. It is your job as a webmaster to steer him towards the item he is looking to buy, be it a car, a house or any other types of goods. If a user cannot find what he is looking for, your website will be of no value to him, even if it has a fancy design and thousands of active ads. Read More

The Social Login Plugin Release

When visitors land on your classifieds site and start browsing it, there always comes a time when some of them wish to contact a seller about an item, leave a comment, post their own ad, buy or book an item. These actions demand that a user goes through a registration to create a profile. Unfortunately for many webmasters, it is during this step that many users choose to abandon the website unwilling to spend time filling in all the fields to create an account. Read More

Booking Plugin Update

We’re rolling out a massive booking plugin update. As a matter of fact, this is more than a regular update because the plugin has been reworked and redeveloped and now offers the entire functionality of a full-stack booking plugin.

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Report a Listing Plugin Update

We have recently re-developed our Report a Listing plugin. The plugin’s logic and functionality was reworked entirely, and we may even say that the plugin was re-written from scratch to meet current classifieds trends. In this blogpost, we would like to share our insight into the plugin and tell you how your classifieds site may benefit from using it.

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Bookmark & Share Plugin update

We recently updated Bookmark & Share Plugin and decided to write a blogpost featuring this update, because it is not just a regular update – we fully reworked and renovated the plugin functionality and made it faster and more powerful by enhancing the delivery of static content on the page. We also enhanced the functionality of Facebook fan box. More importantly, we completely reworked the functionality of the sharing tools and brought them in compliance with latest trends and AddThis sharing service.

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The Auto Poster Plugin

When you run a classifieds business, you know that sharing ads from your site on your social network profiles will get more users to notice them. However, if you have hundreds of ads on your website and new ones are added regularly, sharing each ad manually may become tiring and time-consuming.

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