Update of Android and iOS apps

Meet the update of Flynax native mobile apps for iOS and Android. We decided to mirror the update on both apps so that the functionality in both of them remains the same. Although we can’t say that this is a major update with a lot of new features; however, it is definitely an important one, because it makes both of our apps better and more stable.

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Mobile apps update and GDPR compliance

Whenever we release an update/upgrade of our script, we do our best to ensure that the new features and options are present across all platforms: from the desktop version to mobile apps so that every user, irrespective of what device he is using to access your website, enjoys the stable and updated software. Read More

Update of Android/iOS apps

We are rolling out an important update for our native mobile apps for Flynax. In this blogpost, we would like to cover the features and improvements which have become part of this update.

Ever since we started developing our mobile apps, we have been committed to mirroring the functionality and interface of both, iOS and Android so that iPhone and Android users may enjoy the same experience. The update that we are featuring in this post is not an exception and the new features of the current update relate to both apps.

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Mobile Apps for Classifieds

As opposed to PCs or laptops when users need a table and a chair, mobile devices allow people to stay mobile and connected irrespective of their location. They don’t have to be in the office but can be commuting to work, traveling or doing other things. A mobile device with a decent screen now presents a viable alternative to a laptop and users can do all of the things through their App.

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RTL support added to Android Application

Android App Native RTL Support
Making our software more accessible to as many people as possible, who speak different languages, is an ongoing mission that Flynax takes very seriously. We know that a lot of our customers have been asking us to add RTL support to our Android App, and we have finally done it and now your users may access the App in Arabic, Hebrew or any other RTL languages.

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Update of Mobile Applications released

Hello Everybody! Today we’re rolling out updates of our Mobile Applications making them more powerful and functional with every update: iFlynax 3.1.0 and FlyDroid 2.3.0.

From this day on we’re going to refer to iFlynax and FlyDroid as just mobile applications: the idea is to make them identical in terms of interface and functionality; so with a lapse of time the only difference between them will be the operating platforms they are designed for. Due to the fact that there are some functional differences between the two Apps we’ll list new features of the mobile apps separately. Read More

iFlynax 3.0 Application Release

The App Store approved iFlynax 3.0 yesterday, which is great news for all our customers who have been awaiting for it for the last few months and for those prospects who have been awaiting for it come out to purchase our classifieds software. We’re immensely glad to present you our new iOS Application for Flynax powered classifieds sites, which is not only a new version of iFlynax but is a totally reworked Application made from scratch. The new iFlynax looks and works nothing like it did before.

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FlyDroid 2.0 App Released

Hello everybody! We’ve finally finished FlyDroid 2.0 – Android Application for classifieds sites powered by Flynax, and today we want to announce a release of the long awaited Application.

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New Flynax Mobile version released

Flynax announces a release of the new Mobile version.

Flynax team has finished the development of the new mobile version which is a part of the next Flynax classifieds software version 4.2.0. But basing on numerous feedback from our customers we decided to present a guide on the upgrade of the new mobile version right now.

The detailed instructions on how to do mobile version update you can find here.

New Mobile version features:

  • User registration
  • User log in
  • Password recovery
  • Edit profile
  • Add new listing
  • My listing manager
  • Add photos and video to listings
  • Edit listing
  • Browse and send private messages
  • Payment history
  • My packages list

Also we would like to notice that all mobile layouts support high density pixels displays like Retina and others. As well as the Multilanguage support is available for RTL text direction languages such Arabic.

Feel free to get the new Mobile version for your Flynax powered classifieds website.