Flynax 4.8.2 Update

According to our long-standing tradition, we are rolling out a mixed update that includes both features and bug fixes. This time it took us a bit longer to release version 4.8.2 although we planned to do it earlier. The delay was caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic that affected the entire world.

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Flynax 4.8.1 Update

Meet the update of Flynax script 4.8.1! When our customers hear of the update, most of them instantly associate this word with new features, extended functionality and trending classifieds themes. However, an update is not always about new features and functionality. We decided to focus this update entirely on fixing all issues and user-reported bugs in our script, as a result, this update makes our script bug-free and free of any issues.

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Flynax maps reworked

Ever since Google introduced a new policy regarding the use of its API, namely, put a limit on the free use of its services, we have been getting queries from customers and prospects requesting that we find a viable alternative to Google maps. Considering the increased number of these requests, we decided to address this issue in the 4.8.0 script update.

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Flynax 4.8.0 Update

The long-awaited update is finally here. The lion’s share of work on this update was done on maps, and as a result, script version 4.8.0 offers a fully reworked maps structure with new map service providers added.

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Flynax 4.7.2 Update

We have updated our script to version 4.7.2 and the new update is available to all customers. As you may see, the new version does not offer any new features but focuses entirely on fixing bugs and issues found/reported in a previous version.

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Flynax 4.7.1 Update

4.7.1 Update is finally here with an impressive list of bug fixes and improvements, which make our script more stable and solid. As you will see from the current update, we focused a lion’s share of work on fixing all detected bugs and customer-reported issues. Read More

Flynax 4.7.0 Update and GDPR compliance

The long-awaited update is finally released. A lion’s share of work in the current update was done to ensure full compliance with GDPR requirements – a major concern for our customers from Europe. It is time to proudly announce that with our updated version of the script, you may easily bring your website in line with GDPR requirements.

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Flynax 4.6.2 Update

Although we recently released Flynax 4.6.1 update that mostly targeted bugs and issues, we are rolling out a new 4.6.2 update today that continues our work on bug fixing.

Just as a previous update, the 4.6.2 patch does not offer any new features; however, we believe that it is crucial for customers because our developers did a colossal amount of work on fixing the bugs and issues that were uncovered by our testing team and reported by our customers. As you can see below, the list of bugs, which had been fixed is impressive making the current version of our script more solid and stable.

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Flynax 4.6.1 Update

A major 4.6 update was released about a month ago and today we’re rolling out Flynax 4.6.1 where we took care of the bugs and issues found in a previous version. Although rigorous testing always precedes the update and we do our best to pinpoint bugs and other issues before releasing the update, we must admit that users and customers help us detect issues that we might have overlooked.

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Flynax 4.6 Update

We are rolling out Flynax 4.6 release. This update includes some useful features, improvements and bug fixes. Perhaps, some of our customers had expected the update to come earlier but we did not want to release the new script version until we were certain that it was fully stable and ready for a release. In this blogpost, we would like to go over the essential features, bug fixes and improvements, which became part of the 4.6 Flynax update.

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Flynax 4.5.2 Update

Christmas and the New Year are all about giving and receiving presents because they help us get into the spirit of holidays and joyous celebration. We, on our part, have prepared something for you too as we couldn’t step into the New Year without offering our customers a gift of our own.

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Flynax 4.5.1 + All-in-one classified script

Hello everybody! Today we’re releasing Flynax 4.5.1, which predominantly offers a substantive list of bug fixes and a couple of small features that you also might find useful for your site.

Flynax 4.5.1 would have been positioned as another update offering bug fixes and new features but for one thing: this release is going to be a special one because it was specifically timed to coincide with a release of the most wanted product among the recent ones – all-in-one classifieds script. The all-in-one script is an expanded version of our classified ads software, which offers almost all industry-related features of the other scripts. Let’s see what types and features were included in the new product. Read More

Flynax 4.5 Update

Hello everybody! The long awaited Flynax 4.5 is here! We know that we’ve been behind all the deadlines we set and each time when we set a new release date, we hoped to meet it. Sadly, things took longer than we expected because we were integrating a totally new module affecting many functions and modules of our classifieds softwaremembership plans.

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Flynax Classifieds Software Update 4.4.1

Hello Everybody! Another update of our classifieds software that we promised to release in 1.5-2 months following the release of 4.4 is coming out in due time. Meet Flynax 4.4.1!

Let’s see what new features we added:

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Flynax 4.4 Powerful Update

Hello Everybody! Today we’re rolling out the long awaited update – Flynax 4.4. We know that some of you have been waiting for it to come out to have your sites updated and others to purchase.

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Flynax classifieds software 4.3.0 Update

We are proud to announce and present the next 4.3 version update of the Flynax Classifieds Software. The new update includes fixes of all problems which were reported by our customers and found by our testers during the use and development.

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