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Accept Bitcoins and Altcoin on classifieds sites

We have integrated a CoinGate plugin to cater to growing number of people all over the world using cryptocurrencies for making and accepting payments. Moreover, payments in cryptocurrencies seem to be the only alternative for adult-oriented and escort websites as most payment providers are reluctant to work with adult-oriented websites. With CoinGate plugin, you may accept payments in most popular cryptocurrencies…

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General Nova - New Theme released!

It is time to meet the new template, General Nova, which is now part of Flynax premium templates. When working on new templates, we always take into consideration our customers’ preferences and best practices in design. For this specific theme, we drew inspiration from major classifieds players, OLX, Letgo and others.


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Multifield/location filter plugin update

Imagine a user who lands on a classifieds website with thousands of ads. It is your job as a webmaster to steer him towards the item he is looking to buy, be it a car, a house or any other types of goods. If a user cannot find what he is looking for, your website will be of no value to him, even if…

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Flynax 4.7.1 Update

4.7.1 Update is finally here with an impressive list of bug fixes and improvements, which make our script more stable and solid. As you will see from the current update, we focused a lion’s share of work on fixing all detected bugs and customer-reported issues.


Aside from bug fixes, the current update features a list of essential improvements, which we cannot consider as…

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Yandex.Checkout Payment Gateway Release

We understand that many of our customers open their classifieds portals outside of US and for them, payments in US dollars is not always a preferred option. With this in mind, we continue expanding the geography of payment providers integrated into Flynax script.

Currently, we cover Brazil, Africa, Australia, Europe, and India allowing users from above-mentioned countries to pay in their local

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New Year 2019 preview

Milestones and Achievements of 2018

As the year 2018 is coming to an end, most of us look back and reflect on what we have planned and what we have managed to accomplish. We have certainly planned a lot and Flynax developers’ agenda is always packed with updates, new features and plugins. As we are about to step into the year 2019, we’d like to take some…

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Black Friday’18 Promo

30% Off!

If you have been putting off buying Flynax Classifieds script waiting for a promo, it was not in vain, because our current Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal is here now and you can save big!

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The Social Login Plugin Release

When visitors land on your classifieds site and start browsing it, there always comes a time when some of them wish to contact a seller about an item, leave a comment, post their own ad, buy or book an item. These actions demand that a user goes through a registration to create a profile. Unfortunately for many webmasters, it is during this step that many…

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Mobile apps update and GDPR compliance

Whenever we release an update/upgrade of our script, we do our best to ensure that the new features and options are present across all platforms: from the desktop version to mobile apps so that every user, irrespective of what device he is using to access your website, enjoys the stable and updated software. Time has come to announce the update of our mobile apps…

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Flynax upgrade 4.7.0

Flynax 4.7.0 Update and GDPR compliance

The long-awaited update is finally released. A lion’s share of work in the current update was done to ensure full compliance with GDPR requirements – a major concern for our customers from Europe. It is time to proudly announce that with our updated version of the script, you may easily bring your website in line with GDPR requirements.

Ability for

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Hot summer promo preview

Summer 2018 Promo

As the summer is slowly coming to a close, the temperature remains high; however, it is the day for our prices to drop low so that you could buy any of our products with a generous 20% discount. We have created this promo to celebrate a wonderful summer we are all having, and we would like to make…

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Should I start a classifieds site in 2018?

Should I start a classifieds site in 2018?

The most frequent question that we get from our prospects “Is it worth starting a classifieds website in 2018?” We share our customers’ concerns and understand that the online classifieds industry has been developing for years and some may think that most of the niches have already been taken…

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