flynax-bookmark-and-share-plugin Flynax released a new version of the Bookmark and Share plugin – 2.0.
Now Bookmark and Share plugin became more powerful due to made significant changes and developed improvements for the version 2.0

Previous version 1.1 of the Bookmark and Share plugin allowed administrators use only one block with sharing tools and users could share classifieds web sites only through that single sharing block. But now the new version 2.0 of the Bookmark and Share plugin lets you as the administrator of the Flynax classifieds website add as many blocks with sharing tools as you want and choose standard horizontal or vertical menu with sharing buttons.
Bookmark and Share plugin connects to the famous sharing web service AddThis and your classifieds web site’s members may share your web site to more than 50 popular bookmark services. You may select any of those 50 popular web services for your sharing block from the admin interface. And from this moment you may choose any displaying mode from 10 available for your sharing block with sharing tools. There is also a color picker which can help you define the right color for your sharing block and adjust it to the colors of your classifieds web site.

There is one more improvement of the version 2.0 which will draw your attention because it was developed basing on requests of Flynax customers. Now you may easily make a block with 2 buttons only for FaceBook and Twitter. There is no need to say what significant role play these two web giants FaceBook and Twitter and how users like to use them and share web sites on popular web services. This improvement also gives you counters for shared tweets in Twitter and FaceBook like.

To see the screen shots of the Bookmark and Share plugin please follow this link.
Version 2.0 of the Bookmark and Share plugin gives you great and at the same time free sharing tools which you may use for your classifieds web site powered by Flynax classifieds scripts.
By the way Flynax has redesigned the interface of the Plugins system with detailed description of Flynax plugins. And now it looks more clear and convenient for use. Check Flynax plugins.