flynax-listing-status-pluginFlynax prepared a new plugin Listing status for its quality classifieds scripts.

You can use this plugin for Auto classifieds script developed by Flynax especially for car classifieds’ web sites. Or use this plugin for General classifieds software, Pets classifieds script and Flynax Realty classifieds script.

Listing status plugin adds a new type to existing statuses. It’s a User Status for a listing: Visible, Invisible and Sold. In other words a user may temporarily hide his listing from a web site with classifieds and return it when it will be needed.

The status SOLD leaves a listing active but adds a watermark “SOLD” on every thumbnail and then adds this listing to a new block with “Recently Sold” things. The plugin “Listing Status” creates that new block “Recently Sold” and displays it on the main page by default.

But all listings with sold status will be deleted or deactivated after a while according to the time configured by an admin. There are also other options which may be configured by an admin:

  • The number of listings with SOLD status in a block
  • The number of days whereupon listings with SOLD status will be deleted
  • Option where an admin may add a setting to delete listings after specified period of time or set invisible status .

As you can see Flynax classifieds scripts vendor once again proved that its classifieds scripts are marketable and have useful and necessary plugins which may satisfy users of classifieds’ websites.
And as always you may download this new plugin for Flynax classifieds scripts from the Customer Area at no charge.