loan-calculator-flynaxAs always Flynax is ready to help its customers and satisfy their needs. Today Flynax classifieds software development company has released a new plugin – Loan Calculator. This plugin was developed due to numerous requests from Flynax customers. That is why Flynax team of web developers decided to design Loan Calculator plugin out of its turn without losing in quality and efficiency.

Now you may provide your classifieds web site users with the FREE loan calculator which can help them plan their budgets, calculate loan repayments, interest rates, mortgage payment and count amortization expenditures. In other words this Loan calculator plugin can become the great and useful tool in finance managing and money saving for your classifieds website users.

Technically this plugin adds a new tab into the page with listing details. It has a form with filled price for listing with an apartment or a car. A user only need to add a time period of the loan and interest per annum then the system will count all mortgage or loan repayments he/she will need to pay and displays a table with amortization expenses which can be counted on monthly or yearly basis.

By installing Loan Calculator to your Flynax classifieds website you let your users calculate and find out how much they need to pay for loan thus help them quickly decide without leaving classifieds web site and make a deal. This will also help classifieds site users save money on agent fees due to the fact that they can make calculations by themselves.
Loan Calculator plugin can be used for Flynax Realty Classifieds Software or Flynax Auto Classifieds Script.
Download Flynax Loan Calculator plugin from the Customers Area.