ebay-manifesto-on-mobile-industry-for-classifiedslRecently I came across the eBay Manifesto, where states the significance of the improvement of mobile industry and the growth of usage eBay by users through mobile devices and its importance for the UK economy. This Manifesto calls mobile companies, European Union and UK government to pay a serious attention to mobile industry as it can influence on the UK economy and can help to address economic gloom. Why I paid attention to this manifesto is that the mobile usage of internet especially classifieds websites calls us to think seriously on the future development and the growth of mobile users that may using our classifieds websites.

The giant in online classifieds market eBay accentuates the significance and importance of mobile commerce for classifieds market not even in near future but at the current moment. Of course the Manifesto includes the forecast that a big percent of online users will be using online classifieds though their mobile devices and we need to take it into account for the development of our classifieds websites and have the mobile versions at least. To prove my words you can read what people say about the mobile industry:
“We are focused on enabling commerce, helping consumers shop anytime, anywhere, and being the commerce partner of choice for retailers of all sizes,” said eBay Inc. President and CEO John Donahoe, in a release.
Vice President of Global Fashion at eBay Miriam Lahage said that: “The mobile economy is proving resilient as people increasingly see owning and using a mobile phone as an essential expense, despite cutting back in other areas.”
“As smartphone and tablet ownership increases there will be even greater potential rewards for companies investing in mobile, and this is particularly true for retailers. At eBay in the UK we now see around 10% of sales by value transacted on mobile devices, but we need the right infrastructure in the UK to match this demand,” she says.
“For retailers, it’s about putting mobile at the heart of your strategy and creating a site that is optimised for every device,” Lahage concludes.

As we can see the eBay mobile sales is approximately 10% at this moment but will increase. If we just roughly count the revenue which eBay earned for third quarters of this year that consists of 3 billion of dollars taking in mind that this 10% mobile sales is everywhere and not in UK only we will get the following number 300 000 000 million of dollars. Wow it seems tempting.) Imagine that the forecast of the growing mobile users in classifieds market will come true that number will be much bigger. The eBay Manifesto is based on the recent research made for eBay by experts which says that the mobile shopping may bring about £4.5 billion (aprox. 7 billion of dollars) in 2016 and by 2021 £13 billion (aprox 20 billion of dollars).

It is not our wish but the time dictates that online classifieds websites should have mobile versions or any other mobile applications that allows the access to websites from anywhere through mobile devices. Flynax follows the new trends and created iFlynax application for iPhone users and free Mobile version for its classifieds scripts. Sometimes people think that mobile versions as nothing more than an addition or a plugin for their websites and that’s all. But in fact mobile can create and change the consumer behavior when they do purchases or sales through their mobile devices on classifieds websites. This can unlock new opportunites for website owners and let them earn more income.