flynax-facebook-connectFlynax developed a new plugin Flynax Facebook Connect. This plugin enables classifieds site users connect their Facebook accounts with Flynax classifieds web sites and share information on classifieds with their friends on Facebook using the famous application Facebook Connect.

There is no need to say how this Facebook application is popular and how many people use it in more than 225 countries in the world. And now it is available for Flynax classifieds websites. Owners of classifieds web sites only need to download it from Flynax official web site and install the plugin for Facebook Connect and that Facebook application will be available for their users letting them spread the word and share information with their friends and fellows.

This plugin can be considered as a social feature that lets users share useful information with others using their Facebook identity but at the same time may be used as a marketing tool by classifieds web site owners due to the capability to make “viral marketing” and promote their web sites through Facebook facilities.

Flynax Facebook Connect plugin will help administrators to make their web site become more trusted among other and new users because by connecting via Facebook Connect Flynax plugin users normally use their real names and identities. This gives significant advantage to classifieds websites taking into account that Flynax classifieds websites are used for making business where people sell and buy things like cars, boats, realty and etc. Thus Flynax classifieds web sites can become a trusted web site.
Download Flynax Facebook Connect plugin.