seo-for-classifieds-websites-part-4-article-submissionArticle submission is one of the ways of link building in search engine optimization of any website including classifieds websites. What you get? You get two-in-one: back links from your article published at a high PR website and visitors who are interested in your classifieds website.

This way is considered as one as most useful, but it takes more time due to the fact that you will need to spend time to write interesting articles that will be read by humans not bots. In the same time it is the whitest and organic SEO method for your classifieds website and does not require too much money opposite to online paid ads.

What you will need?

  • Idea – think of an article topic. It is better if you consider over a number of titles for your articles that you will write about your classifieds website and publish at websites with articles. Write something interesting that will intrigue your readers and attract them to visit your classifieds website.
  • A bit of patience and a “pen”.) Actually PC or netbook for writing articles about your classifieds website.
  • A number of accounts at websites with articles such as Ezinearticles and others. Get accounts at websites for article submission. Don’t waste your time because approval of accounts takes time the same applies for article approval by editors.
  • Keywords for your texts that relate to your classifieds website niche. This will help you to concentrate over your texts that will be close to your classifieds website niche and later during article submission.
  • Write articles. It’s just a piece of cake.)
  • Create titles, keywords, descriptions for your articles. You will need to create several titles and descriptions (summaries) in accordance with requirements of websites with articles.
  • Submit articles – don’t forget to include your site link in the article otherwise your time will be wasted.

Wait for back links and visitors.

Note: Avoid duplicate content and write only unique text. If you have doubts whether your article is unique or not you can check it at