SEO (search engine optimization) – is a form of search engine marketing (SEM). Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing of site to search engines including its content and etc. A successful search engine optimization (SEO) helps the site to stand high due to relevant keywords and phrases in the search results. You can come to it in some different ways, so you need to know the information about the types of SEO for classifieds sites, and how you can use these types.

Grey type of the SEO does not assume so “pure” intentions, but, nevertheless, at the official level, it is not forbidden. In this case, the relevant activities such as: wrapping of the counters for the growth of positions in the ratings, buying of the links, the use of doorway pages, but with failure of redirection. But during working with this type of SEO it is important not to overdo it, because with the same success you can improve the position of the resource or drop them. In this respect, you should act very carefully not to lead search engines to the unnecessary suspicions.

Orange SEO assumes receipt of traffic with help of not completely rational ways. That is, in this case such strategy is applied – to attract any visitors, not even the target visitors. It is implemented by adding key phrases, little related to the text on the subject content, but these phrases are in a great demand among the online users.

White Hat. White type of the SEO so called is the most honest way. In this case, progress moves in a natural way: the resource is continuously updated, exchanged back-links of sites with the same subjects, different links on forums and blogs are appeared. That is, no attempts are taken to “crack” the search engine and to use its algorithms for selfish ends. This method is long, but its application brings to the long-term perspectives of development in the search engines.

Black Hat. Black type of the SEO is completely outdated and forbidden at the moment. Previously, it was based on various tricks that could deceive different search engines and get into the top in clandestine ways. But today search engines see- through such tactics, so that you can get a ban with it, rather any positive results. Link-spamming is uniquely caught by black optimization. Link spamming – is the post of links anywhere (outside the context of the donor site).

If you are interested in a long-term effect of optimization, you should choose the white SEO for your classifieds website powered by Flynax. And as far as possible, you should avoid the forbidden methods of promotion. With this way of the SEO the ban is not threatened to you. Applying constantly search engine optimization of your classifieds website you will be always one step ahead of the competitors.