field-bound-boxes-flynax-pluginFlynax is rolling out a new plugin for Flynax 4 classifieds software – Field-bound Boxes.

The Flynax plugin Field-bound Boxes is developed to provide you with an option to create new blocks with filters for listings for your classifieds website. These new blocks may contain particular listings according to preselected styles at your classifieds website.

For example it can be used for a list with listings with car bodies thus make it easier to find listings with cars basing on a car body. The plugin creates a new block where you may select field filter and set a field “Body style”, then it creates a new block with listings basing on your preference. After all the body styles will be parceled and set as links for pages with listings.

In other words this new Flynax plugin gives you one more bonus for user-friendliness of your classifieds website thus makes it comfortable for use.

This plugin can be used for all Flynax classifieds scripts and it depends on what you want to be displayed in new blocks.

Benefits of this Flynax Plugin – Field-bound Boxes:

  • Customizable URLs, can be used for SEO.
  • There is an option to add a picture to each link
  • Counter for listings

The new plugin is designed for Flynax 4 classifieds software version and can be easily installed onto your classifieds website.