flynax-pay-as-you-go-credits-pluginFlynax is glad to release a new and most wanted plugin that can help site owners to set up a full-featured Pay-As-You-Go Credits system at classifieds websites powered by Flynax classifieds scripts – Pay-As-You-Go Credits Plugin. This is the most convenient and attractive service for site owners and site users.

New Flynax plugin features:

Allows creating lot of packages with credits and prices
Allows making payments for all available site services by credits
– Granting credits
from back-end

Pay-As-You-Go Credits Plugin lets site owners to make and manage different packages with credits and particular prices. This can make a purchase of packages with credits a good buy for your site users, due to the fact that the more credits in a package the more purchase will bring a profit to buyer. Credits can be easily controlled and granted to site users through the back-end interface of a classifieds website powered by Flynax.

Pay-As-You-Go Credits Flynax plugin has one more special feature when a balance can be credited by SMS (needed installation of Flynax SMS Payment plugin). It also can be used in some cases when site users has no enough balance to buy needed package with credits. In this case site users can credit balance and get the interested package. In some countries there are limitations on amounts of SMS transaction, this also can be avoided by crediting balance by several SMS for getting enough balance.

Pay-As-You-Go Credits Flynax Plugin can become the turning point of your classifieds website and help you to set a profitable online classifieds business.