spanish-espanol-flynax-classifieds-softwareHi all,
Flynax has prepared for you a bunch of great news. During the long winter months Flynax team was working by heart under the improvement of released new version Flynax 4.0. We would like to share this news with you.

Firstly,  Flynax has finished with the translation of the software interface into Spanish, so now you may make your website in Spanish language. This can influence on SERPs due to the fact that Spanish version of your website will be indexed by search engines and will add more search results for your website in Spanish language and attract more site users who won’t be able to use your classifieds website because of the language barrier. Spanish language can be used for all Flynax classifieds scripts.

Flynax team always think to make the classifieds software convenient for use not only for classifieds owners but for site users as well.

Spanish version can become the turn point for your classifieds website taking into account that the percentage of Spanish speaking population is high in the world.

You may get Spanish language for your classifieds website and make it multilingual with a few clicks, just go to the Customer area take it and install it through the administration interface of your classifieds website.

flynax-4-clear-sky-templateSecondly, Flynax releases redesigned template that was adjusted for Flynax 4.0 classifieds software – Clear Sky.

This template has bright and soft colors that make the template clear and attractive.

The components of the design are developed with the idea in mind to make the use of a classifieds website comfortable and user-friendly. This will help your users easily navigate and browse your website along with communication with other site users in relation to classifieds listings and things for sale.

Check the newly designed and available for Flynax 4.0. Clear Sky template here.

Lastly, Flynax team has redeveloped and adjusted a number of Flynax free plugins that expand the functionality for classifieds websites and make them more interesting and comfortable for use. Here is the list with free Flynax plugins

AlertPay Payment Gateway
Auto sign up prevention
Category Icons
Facebook Connect
Field-bound Boxes
Flynax DB Migration
Category Import/Export
Listing comments
Listing Label
Listing Rating
Listings Box
Online Statistics
PDF Export
Reference Number
Search by Distance
Under Construction

Enjoy new Flynax developments with Flynax Classifieds Software version 4.0.

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