flynax-4x-booking-pluginFlynax has finished with the update of the new version of the Flynax Booking Plugin and now you can use the Booking Plugin for Flynax Classifieds Scripts version 4.

Flynax Booking plugin is an online booking system for your classifieds website that helps you and your users to manage booking requests online. For example your site users may book or rent apartments online using this plugin at classifieds websites powered by Flynax Real Estate Classifieds Software.

Flynax Booking plugin creates an additional block for user’s interface in the view of a new tab with listing details. Using this tab your site users will see booking statistics in a special Legend Section, price range and statistics as well as a calendar for choosing appropriate dates for booking requests. Also there is a convenient link available for Booking requests in the sidebar of the user interface that help users to find such requests.

Feel free to get this new updated Booking Plugin for your classifieds website from the Customer Area.