Flynax announces a release of the new version of vBulletin Bridge for its classifieds scripts – version 2.0.

Flynax vBulletin Bridge is a bridge from vBulletin forum to Flynax classifieds software. This free Flynax plugin allows you to easily connect and synchronize your vBulletin forum with your classifieds website on Flynax classifieds software without any difficulties. There are three main features that can cover all your needs and make the process of using these two great online scripts more conveniently.

The first feature presents a cross registration and cross logging and logging out system. The feature speaks for itself and gives you an opportunity to have an automatic and no-brain solution for cross registrations and log process at your Flynax classifieds website and vBulletin forum. This feature automatically grants accounts to your site users when they register or logging to your vBulletin forum or vice versa.

The other useful feature of the Flynax vBulletin Bridge grants you a synchronization tool. This synchronization tool allows web site owners to copy accounts from vBulletin forum to their classifieds websites or vice versa. This tool can help those website owners who used vBulletin forum before using Flynax to synchronize forum accounts with Flynax classifieds software.

The last main feature of the Flynax vBulletin Bridge displays last forum posts in a specially designed Flynax block on your website, thus attract your site users to vBulletin forum.

There are some requirements and you need to follow them. Before using this Flynax plugin you should install a licensed copy of the vBulletin forum on your web server. Flynax and vBulletin forum must be located on one web server. This new version of the plugin is compatible to Flynax version 4.0.

Download Flynax vBulletin Bridge at no cost from the Customer area.

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