Today we would like to present a new service along with others offered on Flynax website – oDesk.

What is oDesk?
oDesk is one of the largest resources that offers services of skilled freelancers from all over the world with experience in web development. We have created Flynax Market for the oDesk service where you may browse all available developers and their hourly rates as well as expertise and ratings.
You also may post a job right from that page or look for developers, who meet your requirements. For posting a job you will need to sign up for oDesk first and then add a description of your customizations or requirements specification. According to the Odesk’s ToS it is free to sign up, post jobs, interview candidates, and hire specialists. Also you pay nothing as the freelancer’s rate already includes a 10% oDesk fee!

Why oDesk?
Recently we’ve been getting a lot of requests for customizations from our customers and prospects; with the majority of our customers setting tight time frames for their projects, which we cannot meet due to shortage of human resources and time. An increased number of requests affects our ability to develop new plugins and improve the Software because we don’t have enough time to do the things.

We selected oDesk as it offers a great number of talented and experienced specialists, who are ready to turn their hands to projects of any size and budget oops sorry – time frame. So involving oDesk on the one hand gives our clients the ability to have new functionality built faster, and from the other hand it gives us more opportunities for innovations.

How can you benefit from oDesk?
oDesk is a place where developers are involved into development of custom functionality and its support exceptionally, which allows you to have your projects built within a reasonably short time frame. Another advantage of oDesk is that you may choose desired price range for your project or for instance country so you could call and discuss your project with a developer in your own language.

If you have an idea and its clear description and you want it to be done as quickly as possible post your job here.

What about Flynax support?
Using freelance services you may ask yourself a question: “Will be I entitled to Flynax support?” The answer is “Yes”. When ordering customizations from third party developers you are still entitled to Flynax support service and all its support tools offered on our website. The only thing that is not covered by Flynax support is custom functionality made by oDesk developers. We believe that it would be fair if support for customizations was provided by those who made those customizations.

Customizations by Flynax
Despite introducing the new service and involving freelancers from oDesk for custom works Flynax, as the Software developer, is always ready to make customizations for its customers, however taking into account our waiting list and a little bit extended time frames. So if time is not that important to you in building your site then we are ready to review your list of customizations.

We really hope that this new service will not only help you build your sites faster but also enjoy results of our creativity such as new plugins and features, which we are going to release more often.