flynax-faqs-pluginFlynax announces a release of a new plugin – FAQs. This plugin gives you an opportunity to set up a section for frequently asked questions and answers on your website.

FAQs plugin features:

– Easy creation and placement of FAQs section
– Reach text editor for convenient management

The FAQs plugin adds a new web page and creates a special block for frequently asked questions on your website. The block with FAQs can be set on any web page of your classifieds website. The FAQs section can be easily set up by simple click of the installation button of the plugin in the administration interface of your Flynax classifieds website.

Getting FAQs plugin for your website you will make the use of your website easier by filling it with helpful frequently asked questions and providing answers to them thus disburden yourself from extra work.

Flynax team plans further development of the FAQs plugin such as adding an option “Was it helpful?” with some kind of system with likes and comments by need. If you are interested in this improvement please feel free to submit your comments here.