Flynax announces a release of a new plugin that will turn your website into a credit card terminal and allow accept of payment directly on your classifieds website – PayPal Pro.

Flynax PayPal Pro plugin features:

Direct accept of payments on your website
Multiple credit/debit cards support

Flynax PayPal Pro plugin offers you a new functionality for your classifieds website that may become an ideal payment solution with convenient process of making payments for your site users.

With this plugin you can connect your website to PayPal Pro Payments that is a payment gateway for processing credit cards directly on your website. Your site users will see just a few additional fields where they can enter credit card without need to use any PayPal account and make payments in any of 24 currencies for your website services. You will get your money in minutes to your PayPal account.

Feel free to get this new Flynax plugin that will help you to accept payments and simplify the process of making payments for your website services by your site users.