We continue the range of Simple like templates and worked out one more new template for Real estate classifieds niche – Realty Signs. The new template mainly uses dark blue and green colors, waves and Scada font that make it rather interesting and modern.

Realty Signs template differs from previous real estate like layouts that it does not have widened search form and location map on the main page. We decided to reject from those components and replace them with extended search by keywords with preliminary displaying of results thus make it more convenient for users to search for property by address. Anyway users may use the advanced search function at any time on the search page.

Going further with the main page idea, now sidebars are not available and we recommend to use a box with featured ads (with the use of Carousel plugin) under the main search and a box with recently added listings under it (updated Listings box plugin) as it looks like on the image below.

Flynax Realty Signs Template

The template has taken features from previous layouts such as marked price tag and etc. We would like to show only 3 unique main differences of this template:

1. Search by keywords
Realty Signs - Search by keywords
The search form with preliminary results that hits the eye on the main page is the convenient and quick way to quickly find necessary listing without going deeply into the site and save users’ time.
Realty Signs Template - Property Type Signs 2. Graphical signs of listing type
In the greed with listings we replaced the sign Property for sale or Rent to green and dark blue signs. This innovation must help users to quickly define the type of a listing in the general search results. This feature can be easily turned off by turning off the field Property for.
3. New displaying of listings in box
Realty Signs - New displaying of listings in box
Our designers suggested one more way of displaying of listings in box. This way is a greed with decreased thumbnails and titles right to pictures. Using this way with the default you will add variety into your layout. This feature is available with the Listings box plugin.

Feel free to get this new template for your classifieds website as it can be used for all Flynax classifieds scripts.