Hello Everybody! Another update of our classifieds software that we promised to release in 1.5-2 months following the release of 4.4 is coming out in due time. Meet Flynax 4.4.1!

Let’s see what new features we added:

Touring module. We’ve added a touring module to the escort script; so that escorts traveling around a country could specify cities and time other users could meet them.

New password storage system. We’ve improved security in the password storage system. The level of security now depends on a PHP version you use on your server.

Location data refresh. Now you can refresh listing coordinates if you need, for example after importing or migration.

Language comparison. We’ve improved the process of comparing two languages in terms of performance and handling large amounts of data.

Time zone for messages. Date and time in messages get converted according to a time zone of a user.

Delete button on User Accounts View/Edit pages. Now you have the ability to remove an account when viewing its details or editing it in admin panel without the need to go back in your browser.

Below you can find all reported bugs that we fixed in version 4.4.1:

Bug fixes

  • Preview bug when uploading pictures
  • Style issue in HTML Email Templates
  • Limited admin plugins changelog bug
  • Pagination bug on My listings
  • Pagination bug on the Listing type page
  • Bug in “Publish my email” checkbox
  • Listing move function bug in admin panel
  • Mixed fields unit and currency default value bug
  • Edit listing change owner bug in admin panel
  • Street view bug in the Realty Map template
  • Extra MySQL files bug during installation
  • Filter-by-name bug in admin panel in Listing Manager
  • Checkbox value bug on Registration page
  • Activation bug when enabling Add a Listing page by a listing type
  • Counting bug when changing categories of ads
  • Inactive fields highlighting issue in Account Fields Builder
  • Plan clickability bug when upgrading listings

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