The App Store approved iFlynax 3.0 yesterday, which is great news for all our customers who have been awaiting for it for the last few months and for those prospects who have been awaiting for it come out to purchase our classifieds software. We’re immensely glad to present you our new iOS Application for Flynax powered classifieds sites, which is not only a new version of iFlynax but is a totally reworked Application made from scratch. The new iFlynax looks and works nothing like it did before.

iFlynax 3.0 application version release
We offer you a new platform that features stability, better performance, new design and enhanced functionality. Now that we have an awesome platform we can start boosting its functionality releasing new updates more often to make it more flexible and powerful.

The previous version was specifically designed for iPhones and iPods, iFlynax 3.0 can be run on all Apple mobile devices like iPhones, iPods and iPads.

New Features

Let’s see what key features the new Application offers:

User Registration
The Application offers a simple registration form allowing users to select an account type, for instance buyer, seller etc. Users will be able to update their profiles after signing in the App.

Posting Ads
Posting ads is one of the features that was reworked drastically in iFlynax 3.0, and we believe most of our current and potential customers would love the ability for their users to post ads in one step, that is a user can select a category, add a description, upload a photo and video taken with his mobile device on one page without going through steps 2, 3 etc.

Facebook Connect
If a user has a Facebook account he can easily create an account with the App using his Facebook logins. The option can be used as an alternative to standard registration/authorization process. Similar to the standard registration, users will be able to update their profiles after signing in the App.

Manager of Ads
We’ve added a quite flexible manager of ads to the front end of iFlynax 3.0 that allows users to manage ads. Users can find more options to manage listings in the form of horizontal dots, which can be found on every listing. The manager lets users edit, remove, upgrade to featured ads, renew plans and also check stats of every listing individually.

We’ve also added comments to listings with rating so that users could rate and comment on items in the App.

Seller’s other ads
Similar to the desktop version we’ve added a button Other Listings that shows all listings of a seller.

Account Area
The user account area shows the most important information about listings, that is:

  • a number of active ads;
  • a number of expired ads;
  • a number of inactive ads;
  • a number of ads that can be added.

The messaging system works similar to that of the desktop version. A user is supposed to be logged in the App to send messages. The simple and intuitive system works almost like a chat offering instant messaging between buyers and sellers.

Pre-integrated Gateways and Plans
The App comes with two pre-integrated payment gateways: PayPal and Apple In-App Purchase. Using the gateways mentioned above you can charge your users for posting ads to your site. If you have paid plans on your site you’ll have to replicate them in the In-App Billing to start charging your users.

Following your feedback and suggestions we plan to add the following features and modules to upcoming updates:

  • Push Notifications
  • Quick Search
  • Saved Search
  • Google AdMob
  • RTL support

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