It is common knowledge that a blog is a powerful tool for generating traffic and attracting new users to your classifieds site because well-written and useful blog posts get higher rankings in Google, Bing etc. Most users love reading and if you are capable of creating engaging content, you may expect more users visiting your site. In addition, a blog can be a perfect tool for sharing other information with your users on your site or on a particular page of your site.

Most people run WordPress powered blogs and if you are one of them, it is understandable that you want to connect it to your classified ads site so that users from both portals would feel in a single environment as if they are using one and the same website. Even if you don’t have a blog you can easily build and connect it to your site with our new Plugin.

The Plugin integrates and syncs your Flynax powered site with WordPress and visa versa providing seamless and consistent user experience to your customers. With the plugin installed, you may no longer worry about users missing out on the information as it is posted on different sites. When you post an entry to your blog it will automatically become visible to your Flynax users and similarly when you post an entry on your Flynax classifieds site, your blog readers will instantaneously be informed about new classified ads offered on your portal.

In order for your websites to be connected the Plugin needs to be installed on each of them. Installation of the plugins is simple, straightforward and hassle-free.

1. Flynax Bridge needs to be installed on your WordPress blog.

2. WordPress Bridge is supposed to be installed on a Flynax powered site. All you need to do is simply add a WP path to WordPress root directory relating to server root for the Plugin to work.

Once the websites have been synced successfully, a new Flynax widget will be added to admin panel of a WordPress powered site, which you can choose to position in any part of your blog. The widget enables you to configure the number of ads displayed as well as group them according to Featured or Simple.

Flynax featured ads on wordpress

Similarly, WordPress latest post widget will be added to your Flynax powered site which will mirror latest posts from your blog. You are free to choose a position of the box wherever it is most appropriate to your site design.

Wordpress latest posts on flynax

To ensure smooth plugin integration WordPress version 4.0 or higher is recommended. Having your blog and classified ads site connected is a win-win giving you the following benefits:

  • Account synchronization: single sign-on, synchronized user accounts in both websites, user accounts in WordPress powered sites will automatically sync with Flynax website and visa versa;
  • Completely controllable and customizable by the Administrator in terms of selecting position for classified ads and blogs to be displayed on both sites.
  • Cross-posting — users editing profiles will get their profiles automatically edited in the other portal.
  • Simple and hassle-free installation requiring no configuration and coding skills.

There can be no doubt that the Plugin will be an asset to your classifieds business and it is a must-have in our digital world where users are looking for superb browsing experience. We classified the Plugin as mid-priced, and if you’re a lucky owner of the FullFly package you get the Plugin for free while SemiFly and Fly users will have to pay 25 USD for it.

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