The long-awaited update is finally released. A lion’s share of work in the current update was done to ensure full compliance with GDPR requirements – a major concern for our customers from Europe. It is time to proudly announce that with our updated version of the script, you may easily bring your website in line with GDPR requirements.

Ability for users to remove their accounts in front end

This feature allows users to delete their accounts with all of their ads and other data – an option that is crucial in ensuring GDPR compliance. To delete an account, a user needs to click a “delete an account” button on a user’s profile page, which will bring up a popup window with the text and password login form. After a user enters his password and confirms his willingness to remove the account, the system logs the user out, deletes all of his data and redirects the user to the website homepage.

Agreement field functionality

We have reworked the functionality of the agreement fields and rather than displaying a text area with the agreement, the new version features a link leading to the standalone Agreement page. This makes it more compact and convenient for a user. Added to that, now the Administrator can add agreement fields to the first registration step, which is also an essential requirement for GDPR compliance.

Privacy Policy page

We have updated the content of this page and the changes reflect the aspects of GDPR regulations. Namely, the fact of agreeing to Privacy Policy on the registration page implies a user’s consent to receiving notifications from the website containing essential information regarding his ads and buyer’s requests. With this in mind, we recommend adding this page to a list of documents that a user needs to consent to during the signup process.

Cookie Policy plugin updated (1.1.0 version)

When updating the Cookie Policy plugin, we have added an option that, when enabled in back end, blocks the storage of cookies on the website. With this option activated, the website will stop collecting and storing cookies unless a user gives his consent.

Massmailer/Newsletters plugin updated

As you know, the Massmailer/Newsletters plugin creates a checkmark confirming a user’s subscription to newsletters on the registration page. In a previous version, the option was selected by default, which is in violation of GDPR. In the current update, we have added the ability to control the default option to allow users to tick it thus agreeing to receiving newsletters.

We have prepared a detailed manual that outlines all the steps that you need to take to ensure full compliance with GDPR. You may download it here.

SEO improvements

Aside from GDPR, we have also made a range of improvements to SEO, which will help you get better rankings for your site in search engines.

  • js hisrc() library via native attribute “srcset” for images in listing/account grids replaced
  • Page number added to title in listing type/categories/search results pages
  • Remove blank.gif in preview image src on listing details page
  • Wrong path in meta=prev on category page fixed
  • Recently added page optimized for search engines
  • Redirect to the first page if no news found on page added
  • Wrong calculation of meta rel=prevnext fixed
  • Wrong logic of account thumbnails in SEO URLs fixed
  • Title issue on the News page fixed

Bug fixes

Last but not least, the update features an impressive list of bug fixes making our script more stable and effective.

  • Listing thumbnail issue in long titles fixed
  • Color option for listing types for upcoming themes added
  • 404 error in short category URLs fixed
  • Error when editing membership services on PHP 7.2+ fixed
  • Readability issue in ‘fromLatLngToDivPixel’ property fixed
  • Editing listings issue when using a single plan fixed
  • Changing plan issue on Edit Listing page fixed
  • MySQL error when using search keys with apostrophe fixed
  • Issue when renaming phrases with certain symbols in admin panel fixed
  • Box issue on Search on Maps page fixed
  • “No plans for selected category” phrase added to language manager
  • Sending email notifications for incomplete accounts improved
  • Phrase removal issue when enclosed in brackets fixed
  • Listing x2 image issue fixed
  • Primary category issue with system cache disabled fixed
  • Image upload field issue on listing and account page fixed
  • ‘hasAscendant’ issue in FCK Editor fixed
  • Parsing bug after modifying RSS page fixed
  • Account thumbnails issue on search results page fixed
  • Special symbols issue in RSS feeds fixed
  • Dealer names bug in RSS fixed
  • Bug when saving visitor account type settings fixed
  • Wrong count of incomplete listings in cron stats fixed
  • “Enable 2x thumbnail upscale” option extended to user account images
  • Bug when moving a listing from user added subcategories fixed
  • MySQL error in membership plans when clicking “Go Back” fixed
  • Cropping bug in “Enable 2x thumbnail upscale” option in back end fixed
  • URL of Edit Listing button for incomplete listings updated
  • “Per” field bug in jobs listing type fixed
  • Employer thumbnail bug in jobs listing type fixed
  • Bug when editing profiles with multilingual textarea field enabled fixed
  • Thumbnail issue in jobs type after the change fixed
  • Wrong links to building a form in listing type settings fixed
  • Logging in system improved and huge log file size issue fixed
  • Wrong translation of account confirmation phrases fixed
  • Checking PHP version after upgrading added
  • “Individual page for listing type” setting removed
  • Price bug in purchased listing packages fixed
  • Interface issue on My Listings page with listing type disabled fixed
  • Responsiveness to email templates added
  • Ability to set a number of columns for checkboxes improved
  • PDF library added to the core of the script for upcoming updates
  • Overlap issue in listing grid with banner in the middle enabled fixed
  • Ability to select a box on home page for featured gallery added to back end
  • Wrong count of related categories on Edit Listing page fixed
  • Cascading categories issue in the search form fixed
  • The setting for managing user account termination added to back end

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