We know that you’ve been waiting for the new version of our classified ads script. Some of you have been quite impatient trying to find out what new features and options we were planning to offer in the update. Now, when it’s finally here, we can tell you with certainty that we’ve done a lot to enhance and expand the functionality of our software, and that Flynax 4.9.0 is definitely worth your attention. 

We have added a few useful features and made changes that will improve the user experience of your website, for example, we have created a new stylish Rainbow theme, provided an ability to add subaccounts to accounts, modified the seller contact form, etc. We have also fixed the bugs that bothered our clients for some time. 

Let’s consider the changes in more detail.

General Rainbow Theme

Our new classified ads theme — Rainbow is available both in light and dark color schemes. The new theme has beautiful tabs with icons, functional search forms, and a large image slider in the header on the home page. The Rainbow template with its restrained design will win the hearts of those who love simple and relaxing colors complemented with a few bright spots to break the monotony.


So you could better understand ​what changes we have made, we will briefly describe the new function based on the example of interaction between agencies and agents. In the previous versions, it was not possible for agents to show that they were associated with a certain agency. Agencies, in their turn, could not present all of their agents with their listings on the agency corporate page.

In the new version, this functional imperfection has been removed. Now agencies can add their corporate profiles and invite their agents to work evidently for the agency. To do this, we’ve added a special invitation manager to the core, where the agency moderator can invite agents by email. And vice versa, it can remove the agent from the list if their cooperation has been suspended or terminated. In this case, subaccounts of disengaged agents are not removed. The user will still be able to run his account and offer his ads on the site. 

The agency corporate profile got a new tab – Agents. Now you may find all the agents with their listings in this tab. The contact block of agents now has a link to the agency that the agent works for. Technically, now your users have the ability to add subaccounts to their accounts.

Call Buttons and Icons

Another great addition to the new version of our software is the call option that allows your users to call listing owners in order to ask questions or negotiate deals related to the listing they are interested in. While this new option is available in all the Flynax templates via the “Call Seller” button, the Rainbow theme has a special icon for it, which makes the Listing Details page look a bit more modern and stylish.

Contact Buttons

Due to popular demand, we have improved the Seller’s Contact Details section on the Listing Details page by making it smaller and highlighting the country, state, and city the seller operates in. We’ve also replaced the previous contact form, which included Name, Email, Phone, and Message fields with new buttons – “Contact Seller” and “Call Owner”. Now when clicked, the “Contact Seller” button opens the full contact form in a new window allowing the user to enter all required data in the form. Clicking the “Call Owner” button will show a pop-up with all the phone number(s) of the Seller that he can use to contact the listing owner.

Hiding Phone Numbers

To prevent personal information from being collected by bots and parsers on your site, we have added a setting that allows the Administrator to maskify the first digits in phone numbers with the X character. The number of digits to be hidden can be set by the Administrator (5 digits are hidden by default) from the back end. A user will need to click the “Show number” button in order to see and use the full phone number to contact the listing owner.

Rotation of Ad Images

To enhance the convenience of working with images for users, we have added an ability to rotate images from the listing manager, which eliminates the need to use any additional programs to rotate photos before uploading them to your classified ads site.

Autocomplete Option for Dropdowns 

In our attempts to make the mobile version more user-friendly, we have not forgotten about multiple requests from our customers to add an autocomplete option to dropdowns on the “Add a Listing” form. The absence of a cursor in the dropdowns in the previous version caused significant inconvenience to our users when they had to scroll through numerous attributes in search of a needed one, especially if such a list contained a lot of countries or cities. For this reason, we’ve added an additional input field with the autocomplete option that allows users to find items they are looking for a lot faster.  

Search for Listings on the Seller Page

We have added a search form to the profile page that can belong to an Agent, Agency, or any other seller. Now all users and visitors opening such a page will be able to both look through all the listings available on the page and filter such listings by a variety of parameters. This possibility may be especially important for large agencies with hundreds and even thousands of listings on their pages. For example, users can do a quick search for ads by their type (Motors/Property/Services…). If they have selected Motors, then they can go on and sort ads by category, make, model, price, etc. You can enable the new option from the back end for each listing type separately.


  • Ability to send answers to visitors on the “My Messages” page added
  • “Active till” and “Featured till” columns added to the Listing Manager in the admin panel
  • Ability to reorder images on the “Post an Ad” page added in mobile version
  • jQuery library updated to prevent JS vulnerabilities
  • Default search type option added
  • A correct redirect to a new URL of a multilingual listing type page added
  • Conversion of the Arabic numbers in fields added
  • Ability to add listing types to category menu added
  • Listing wrong status issue when using an unlimited membership plan fixed
  • Broken WebP 2x image issue in listings fixed
  • An error when searching for listings by age in Escort script fixed
  • A bug when listing photos got removed after account removal fixed
  • A missing confirmation link issue in email messages in language versions fixed
  • Removed transaction issue fixed
  • Rental Period field issue on the “Post an Ad” page fixed
  • An Issue with missing/wrong link to add a listing to an empty category fixed
  • A MySQL error in the OLX template with non-default DB prefix in tables fixed
  • Phrase duplicate issue in database after plugin installation fixed
  • An issue with disabled listings added with a membership plan that disappear from the “My Ads” page fixed
  • A result issue in the autocomplete field in non-default language fixed
  • An issue on the “Post an Ad” page for new visitors fixed
  • An ampersand issue in the text of RSS feeds fixed
  • Missing position issue in items of the data entries fixed
  • Missing progress bar issue on the loaded images on the “Post an Ad” page fixed
  • Available account data issue on the “Print” page in listings added with membership plans fixed
  • Map view issue in mobile version fixed
  • A broken style issue in the calendar for date fields in the search box fixed
  • A Yandex Maps issue fixed
  • Missing names of account types on the “Post an Ad” page fixed
  • A gallery image issue on listing details in the Flatty templates fixed
  • Checkout page issue with multilingual URLs enabled for payment gateways fixed
  • An issue when updating the statistics via Cron Schedule fixed
  • An issue when editing HTML in the text area fields via editor fixed
  • A bug when selecting of category on the “Post an Ad” page in the multistep mode fixed
  • An error after deleting the listing type in the admin panel fixed

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