flynax-auto-sign-up-prevention-plugin-stop-spamFlynax has released a new plugin which can help you to stop spam at your classifieds website.
Auto Sign Up plugin was developed basing on a number of requests by users of Flynax classifieds software and it comes absolutely free of charge.

Auto Sign Up Prevention Plugin can help you to detect and to stop spam at your classifieds website. This plugin can help you to prevent registration of undesirable accounts and make your classifieds website free from spam. Auto Sign Up Prevention plugin checks users during process of registration using spam detection service

How does it work?
During a registration process Auto Sign Up Prevention Plugin requests the stop spam service and checks details of a registering user such as his/her email, username and IP. If the stop spam service finds records in the database the Auto Sign Up Prevention Plugin blocks that user and adds him/her to the database then displays a message with an error.

For convenient use of this plugin there was added a feature in the administration interface of Flynax classifieds software to unblock users who were added into the black list by mistake.

More information on this plugin and download it you can here.

Flynax always listens to the customers and that is why develops only necessary and convenient plugins for them.