content-more-is-not-betterOne of the most important parts of any classifieds web-site is content. As it said “Content is King“. You should pay attention to content of your website without it it cannot play that significant part which can help to find your website in search engines.

Normally content can be divided into three components:
– The text content – all information, text part, everything, that the visitor reads.
– The actual content -instructions, specifications, numerical information.
– The graphic content – images, photos, video, website design, etc.

Today there is no suitable search mechanism in media content and graphics (all search algorithms are based now on the text commentary for such content, but because the sheer quality of media content and graphics isn’t affected on the promotion of the classifieds site). Despite the fact that the images are now used in the optimization especially during alt tag writing which includes keywords, search engine optimizers, in most cases pay attention on the text content, while leaving other types of content without attention.

Let’s consider the text content! What are the rules of optimization and keyword selection?

Some SEO specialists believe that if you find the same words or phrases in some text, such words and phrases conform to the request. But because of it, the texts lose their readability. And the search engines do not react to them, as we would like.

Search engines can not read texts. It only examines them. Those texts where the keywords occur too frequently, it can detect. There are many methods to analyze the various texts. The search engine finds all occurrences of search query words on the page. After that you should take into account several factors:
– Importance of keywords, entry into the headlines, the proximity to the top.
– Location of words between each other.
– Order of the words. Based on the total combination of all positions, you should give a weight to the page and its position in search engine.

All content on the Internet is protected by copyright, being the product of intellectual labor and has creators and owners. Content stealing as well as the use of another brand or proprietary development – is illegal.

Relative weight is the ratio of keywords to the total number of words in the text.
There must be permissible limit in everything, you should not try to make so, that there will be many keywords Otherwise, the text would be unnatural, and the site will lose their positions. Please note that many search engines have their own retrieval systems, and it is constantly being improved and modernized. Despite of the fact that over the past few years there have been global change in SEO, some things remain unchanged.

Content in all its manifestations – is the thing, which will lead us to success. Many online companies became popular thanks to the success of content, such as Flynax, which provides on the online market for many users competent software products. The correct content works wonders!