flynax-under-constructionFlynax releases a new handy plugin – Under Construction plugin.

Under Construction Plugin by Flynax is designed to let site visitors know about that the classifieds web site is under construction and when it will be launched if they subscribe via another Flynax Subscribe/Mass-mailer plugin. This plugin has a useful time counter with remaining time during which the site is under construction. Under Construction Plugin comes with a well designed layout ‘Under Construction’ which make the web site page more informative.

This plugin can be useful for classifieds site administrators and help them to work on the web site development while letting know their visitors that the classifieds web site is under the process of construction.

The plugin comes with a number of adjustable settings which can be configured to needs.

1. Launch date. Set a launch date of your website to go online. This launches a remaining time counter on the main page.
2. IP list. It will help you to set particular IPs from which visitors may to your website.
3. Meta info. This plugin allows you to manage meta data.
In next update of this plugin there will be included a subscription form which will allo site users to sign up for mass mails.

This plugin was naively developed by Flynax team and works fine with all Flynax classifieds scripts. Download it from the customer area at no charge.