This blog post is about SEO basics for classifieds websites which can help you to start promoting your website powered by Flynax.

What is SEO? SEO is an abbreviation for “search engine optimization“. Nowadays It’s kinda a modern term on the net and almost a third part of Internet users know or heard something about it. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a process of making your website visible in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others in other words it comes to promoting your website and is a part of a website’s Internet marketing strategy. Sometimes this process is called as organic process of promoting websites via in most cases unpaid methods i.e. white hat methods.

What can give search engine optimization of your classifieds website? First of all it will give you traffic with visitors to your website. Secondly you may convert that traffic with visitors into your clients who will pay for your classifieds website’s services.
Why do you need to optimize your classifieds websites for search engines? The answer is clear: the higher you are in search results the more traffic with visitors you get to your website thus increase the number of potential leads or clients of your classifieds website. How to get traffic with visitors you will understand if you will follow SEO tips which will be explained here and in the next articles. Stay tuned and pay attention to SEO tips for classifieds websites which will be described here.

How can website get visitors via search engines? First of all it should be crawled by spiders of a search engine which will “read” your web site content and match it against the data they have with similar websites in their database. Spiders or crawlers are web scripts developed by Search Engines companies to check and analyze websites on the net. Sometime they are called bots like robots because they work automatically.

How to target search results is a main goal of the SEO of your website. Here are the first steps which you should make for SEO of your classifieds website:

Meta info
First of all you need to make amendments to the meta info of your web site. Meta info consists of title, keywords of website’s content and description of your web site. Flynax classifieds software can be called as SEO friendly classifieds software due to the fact that it has user-friendly interface which can help you do SEO. You will need to log into your website’s administration area and add your meta info. Make attractive title, add keywords describing your web site and write short synopsis of what your web site is about and why it will be useful for visitors.

It is recommended that you choose the most appropriate keywords for your website in accordance with your web site’s niche.
It will be perfect if you concentrate on your web site’s idea and follow it when you will do SEO. For example if your web site is designed for auto classifieds then your title, keywords and description should have keywords relating to auto classifieds.

Site submission to search engines

After you are done with slight changes of your web site’s meta info you need to inform about your web site search engine crawlers by submitting your URL to search engines. Here are the links for URL submission to search engines:

After you are done with your site submission to search engines, spiders will come and crawl your web site, index and analyze it. Normally it may take up to 2 weeks to crawl your website according to the turn with other fresh websites.

Well it is enough for the beginning and now you have understanding of what is SEO about. Don’t hurry, think about your website goal and analyze keywords.

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