In a modern world, cellular communication is so penetrated into our life that the most of people already feel themselves uncomfortable without the phone. Even yesterday, the most popular features of mobile phone were calls and SMS. But today, priorities begin to shift in other sides. Modern phone – is not just a connection between different people, is a multifunctional device that helps not only to communicate but also to learn, to earn money, to learn about the world and have fun due to Internet technologies. Mobile Internet is accessible to everyone in our days. It is very convenient when you’re not at home or are unable to connect to a PC. All that you need is to configure your mobile phone and then you can use Internet services everywhere.

According to research by foreign experts in marketing, currently more than 95% of mobile devices, sold in the world, support web-browsers. After all, in our days the number of those, who wish to make purchases via mobile phones across the world, is about 75% of the total number of owners of such phones. With a minimum of means to develop the website design and also in a mobile version, each company makes time to work for itself at its best. Here it is necessary to take into account the fact that currently for the majority of our citizens website design of a company in the mobile version – is primarily a sign of its compliance with brand of a high technology and a big plus for the overall image of the company.

For development of a mobile version for a classified website can be approached in different ways: to create a single style or to make another design and HTML-Markup. But in both cases it is important to determine when to load the mobile version for a classified website, and when – the computer version. It can be done in several ways: you can connect a style for the mobile version or redirect the user to a domain name corresponding to the mobile version for a classified website, based on analysis of information about the browser (User-agent line), sent to the server in the HTTP-Request.

Many users use the mobile versions of sites, because:
– Mobile versions for classified sites often have additional functionality; it is convenient for mobile users, such as the ability to check their listings with i.e. cars or boats for sell and etc.
– Navigation of mobile version is specially adapted for almost all mobile devices with touch screen or for keyboard of mobile phones.
– Mobile version of the site usually has a smaller memory capacity and loads faster.
– The smaller size leads not only to an increase in speed, but also to a significant saving of users.

Recently Flynax developed a free mobile version for classifieds scripts. This mobile version is designed for use in cell phones by users and gives an opportunity to access classifieds websites though a mobile browser. This is a perfect way to use classifieds websites from everywhere. Mobile version includes a number of useful features which will satisfy users, such as quick search, browse listings by categories, bookmark interesting listings and more. Mobile version is multilingual which makes it attractive for a wide range of users.

Also Flynax represents the classifieds software for Apple mobile devices, which allows owners of web sites based on Flynax Classifieds Software to provide an opportunity to use their classifieds sites on iPhone or IPod devices. iFlynax allows users to quickly overview the content of your site. It gives the minimal use of traffic and saves the time of your customers. This application is developed in 10 languages. Browsing by categories gives the users possibility to easily find necessary listings using structural tree category with horizontal navigation. iFlynax allows visitors to search ads in detail, using a special form of search. With this application you can browse pages in full screen mode.

We need mobile versions of a classified site for quite the same, as the ordinary. Mobile sites add one more version of action and expand the borders of possibilities.