Flynax Mobile VersionWe are proud to announce release of a long awaited mobile version that is free for all Flynax customers! Now websites built on Flynax platform have became mobile-friendly. We are sure your users will enjoy browsing your website on a cell phone or a smart phone through the mobile plugin.

The mobile version is delivered as a standard plugin along with other Flynax plugins and does not require any coding. After installation of the plugin you will be able to configure url of a mobile version. With a unique url you will get another 100% unique web contents, which will contribute to ranking higher in search engines.

How does it work? After installation and configuring all your users accessing your website through mobile devices will be taken to a mobile version (for example: It should be noted that all pages in mobile view are adjusted to fit small screens of mobile devices. Quick browsing through categories makes finding listings users are looking for easier. The mobile version offers your users the most important information leaving out less important information.

Flynax mobile plugin features an unrivaled performance based on ajax that keeps your uses from experiencing constant page refresh.

To learn more about the mobile version follow the link at: Mobile Version

If you have any problems installing the mobile version, please submit a ticket at: Help desc

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