Flynax releases a new plugin that can help you to use global e-commerce processing gateway – CCBill. This new Flynax plugin helps your users and you to securely make and accept online payments for your classifieds website’s services by credit cards.

There is no need to say how CCBill payment gateway is famous in the world for its secure and convenient payment processing solutions and its comprehensive number of features and services that can help you to reach customers worldwide.

As the main features you will benefit from the following:

– Global credit card processing solutions
– Recurring payments
– Adult web payments

Your users can benefit from using geo-targeted payment forms that come with multilingual support. This will stimulate them to make payments without hassle. CCBill also accepts a number of payment types and a lot of currencies, that will expand the targeted audience of your classifieds website’s users.

Owners of classifieds websites can benefit from serious fraud control that can help them to protect their online classifieds business and avoid chargeback.

Flynax CCBill Plugin is a must be feature for your classifieds website due to the fact that it can be the turnkey point for your online classifieds business.

Download Flynax CCBill plugin from the Customer Area.